Here are Luffy's Inquiries Who Will Be At Reverie!

While world leaders move to Reverie, Luffy goes on to Wano.

Most likely, this means we will not see Luffy for a while. Though there is no Straw Hats sailing to Reverie, there are still some familiar figures for OPLovers. These are Luffy's acquaintances who are certainly present at Reverie!



The Nefertari Family and the Guards



Nefertari Cobra is certainly on his way to Reverie. But it was not just him who was present, it was confirmed that Vivi, his daughter, had come with him.

The Nefertari family's bodyguards still followed: Igaram, Chaka, Pell, to Carue the duck.

The author wishes Igaram, Chaka, and Pell have been stronger for time-skip . The last time we saw them, the ability of this guard trio was still under Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji before time-skip [1945904].



King Neptune and Family



King Neptune and Fukaboshi have been confirmed to Reverie as well, accompanied by Neptune Troops. But not only those, Shirahoshi also wanted to come too.

Shirahoshi is one of the most important figures to watch out for in Reverie. You see, OPLovers must have known that he is Poseidon right? Well, if from the words of Doflamingo, there seems to be one more Ancient Weapon stored in Mariejois.

This means there will be at least two Ancient Weapons in one place when Reverie happens. This can lead to disaster, in case something goes wrong.


Another Luffy acquaintance who has been confirmed at Reverie can check on the second page!

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