Here are 8 Interesting Facts About One Piece Supernova! Anything?


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<h4 style= In the serial One Piece a novice pirate who has a fugitive price above 100 million is called the Supernova, following an interesting fact about Supernova One Piece !

In the One Piece series, many organizations and titles are often mentioned in this worldwide series. Starting from Shichibukai, Yonko, Cipher Pol, and Worst Generation. The title and organization became one of the strengths of this One Piece series.

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Of the many titles that existed in One Piece, there were some that caught the attention of the fans. One of them is the title Supernova. Supernova, or so-called super rookie is the nickname for a novice pirate who has a fugitive price of over 100 million Belly.

One of the characters included in Supernova is our pirate captain, Monkey D. Luffy. He is considered one of the Supernovas at a price of 300 million berries.

Not only Luffy is in the Supernova, but our favorite swordsman, Roronoa Zoro is also mad because it has a fugitive price of 120 million Belly. What other interesting facts about them? Let's look at the interesting facts below!

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Scratchmen Apoo the only one that came from the Grand Line

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<p style= Among eleven Supernovas Luffy comes from East Blue along with Zoro. Law, X Drake and Basil Hawkins are from North Blue. Jewelry Bonney, Eustass Kid and Killer are from South Blue. Capone Bege comes from West Blue. Uroge is from Sky Island.

This makes Scratchmen Apoo a known from the Grand Line.

Urouge Oldest, Youngest Luffy

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<p style= The 11th member supernova has various ages, ranging from teenagers to those of nearly half a century.

If sorted then Luffy becomes the youngest member, followed by Roronoa Zoro, Eustass Kid, Jewelry Bonney, Trafalgar Law, Killer, Basil Hawkins, Scratchmen Apoo, X Drake, Capone Bege and the oldest is Urouge with age 47 years


Oda Drawing The Childhood Supernova

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<p style= After One Piece Z was a success, in after scene One Piece Z seen some famous characters depicted by his childhood. In SBS, Oda described the childhood of 11 members of a supernova.

In describing their childhood, Oda drew it in accordance with their respective abilities and hobbies, like Bonney who likes to eat, Apoo who plays music, Law dissects frogs, Kid that makes toy robots and Basil Hawkins who plays ramifications .


Only Killer and Zoro are Not Devil Fruit Users

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<p style= Devil Fruit is known as one of the sources of power that exists in the world One Piece . People eating the Devil Fruit will gain supernatural powers such as controlling the elements or changing their body shape.

Almost all members of Supernova have the power of devil fruit, except Roronoa Zoro and Killer. They both lacked the power of the devil's fruits but possessed a combat ability that made them worthy of being reckoned as the Supernova of the world. One Piece .

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