Here are 7 Interesting Facts Tatsuya Bitou Crows, Front of the Housen High!

There are several figures Crows that have already appeared on his 19459004 live version Crows Zero . Call it Rindaman and Tatsuya Bitou, which will be discussed this time.

Among the Housen commanders above, Tatsuya is a cool man who stands the far right.


Crows Zero actually already hinted that Tatsuya Bitou would be a great figure in the Housen Highs during the Crows era. Under his leadership, Housen had made a number of Suzuran fronts (including Bouya Harumichi) hospitalized.

Curious about this character? Here are Tatsuya's facts!


Younger brother of Makio Bitou

Viewers Crows Zero may be familiar with the name Makio Bitou. Rindaman's best friend was once one of the most feared frontman of the Housen High School. Then he was involved in a fatal brawl against Suzuran.

Makio triumphed in the tawuran. Although he is unarmed (while most other fighters carry clubs and so on), he can beat 20 people. Who can match it from the physical side is also not in Suzuran side. Rindaman does not want to get involved in such matters, while Genjiro Katsuragi is in hospital for appendicitis. The row then ends with the death of a Suzuran student, Nakai, due to a broken lung.

Makio may not be involved in a fatal incident that led to Nakai's death, but Kawanishi – one of the Suzuran students he defeated – is vengeful. They hunted and ganged up Makio. The problem: Makio still defeats the gang that Kawanishi brings. Panicked, Kawanishi pulls out a knife and stabs Makio in the stomach. The attack caused Makio's death.

His brother's death motivated Tatsuya to take revenge to Suzuran. You see, for Tatsuya, Makio is a mighty figure who should be defeated by him. But Makio even stabbed by a person who is nobody. For Tatsuya, if he wants to surpass the dead Makio, then he must destroy Suzuran.


Watching the Genji Duel against Narumi in Crows Zero II

Tatsuya, whose uniform is still clean, became one of the witnesses of a balanced duel between Genji Takiya against Narumi Taiga at the end of Crows Zero II . He watches Narumi fall, and in the end decides to find his own way to take revenge to Suzuran. This revenge action could eventually be seen in the manga Crows .

Genji and Serizawa, who by then had both bleeding and exhausted, might be lucky Tatsuya did not decide to face them after Narumi lost. Even since in the era of Crows Zero II, Tatsuya was in fact one of the strongest fighters in Toarushi town.

Continued discussion of the facts Tatsuya Bitou can you read on the second page!

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