Here are 7 Castles and Castles in the Anime of the Iconic!


The various anime titles have giant, sturdy, and cool castles and castles. Well, do you know 7 castles and castles in this iconic anime?

The castles and castles in the anime are unique and iconic places and sometimes play important roles in the anime. There are quite a lot of castles and castles that appear in the anime, but the 7 castles and castles in the anime listed in this list are probably the best known by many anime lovers.

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No need to linger again, here are the castles and castles in the iconic anime!


Paradis ( Attack on Titan )


Paradis Island in Attack on Titan is known as an island full of Titan and also has gigantic walls iconic. The kingdom of the island itself is not mentioned plainly in the Attack on Titan series but it may be considered the kingdom of Eldia because it is inhabited by many Eldians.

The central palace of these walls itself is in the middle and has a relatively smaller area than the area bounded by the existing walls. Even so, practically the entire covered area of ​​the wall is part of the palace and even Paradis Island itself is part of the kingdom of Eldia.

These walls proved strong and sturdy because they were able to withstand a variety of titan-except the Titan Shifter. In addition, this giant wall is also touted to be filled with millions of Colossal Titan, you know!

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Sindria ( Magi the Labyrinth of Magic [1945907])

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The kingdom of Sindria is practically similar to the Kingdom of Eldia because it is a very large island, but this kingdom does not have solid walls to hold Titan! Hahaha …

The kingdom itself was established and led by the king of Sinbad. In the story Magi the Labyrinth of Magic itself, Sinbad has been told to disappear and now Sindria is led by Drakon.


The Holy Land of Mariejois ( One Piece )


The Holy Land of Mariejois is arguably the capital of the World Government in the One Piece series. The location of Mariejois is on the Red Line which is the entrance to the New World.

This place proved very important because it can only be entered by the navy as well as agents of the world government. In addition, the nobles or the World Noble are also often seen in Mariejois. Oh, and do not forget, Mariejois is the location of the gathering of world leaders in the framework of Reverie, you know!

In One Piece alone, not much is shown from Mariejois except this place is very large and vast.

Eits, there are still castles and castles in other iconic anime, you know! Go to page 2 for castles and castles in other anime!

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