Here are 6 Hunter x Hunter's Strongest Characters! Is Your Favorite In This List?

In compiling the Hunter x Hunter strongest list, authors arguably base their order on the basis of the achievements they show, or at least submitted by others.

There are a number of well-known figures. But their ability was mostly just pronounced, not shown maximally. But there are also figures who really have exerted all their potential, making it easy to put them in the first and second rank.

Curious? Let's start referring to the characters Hunter x Hunter strongest!

6. Hisoka Morrow

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<p> Hisoka have no Nen mass destructive powers such as Rising Sun belong to Feitan. The nen is limited to Bungee Gum and manipulates the appearance with Texture Surprise. </p>
<p> Even so, there can be no doubt that Hisoka is one of the strongest <em> Hunter x Hunter </em> characters. </p>

Basically, Hisoka's strength, speed, agility, and instincts are remarkable. Beating him in a one-on-one battle will be very difficult, unless his fighter may already be at Netero.

Not only that, Hisoka can also take advantage of Bungee Gum which should be simple with very creative. Combined with his fighting technique, Bungee Gum makes Hisoka even harder to beat.

Hisoka's sacrifices were already numerous, some of which he solved very quickly. Including figures who were thought to be able to provide an interesting fight against him, such as Gotoh the butler of Zoldyck's family, Kastro, and Togari.

Even so, Hisoka may be defeated by convincing when he fights the [HunterxHunter other strongest character on this list. In fact, he's already lost against the figure in the rankings three!

5. Gon Freecs (19459009)

This being is said to be an overflow of all Gon's potentials. If Gon continues to practice adulthood, this is his ultimate power.

How strong is Gon a being today? Well … once he reaches this form, he can defeat Neferpitou very easily. Whereas Pitou is not an easy enemy at all.

Will we see this strongest form of Gon again someday? Hisoka would expect so, considering this form is a form of power Gon that he had coveted. But for now, Gon apparently still can not use his Nen.

Given the consequences of this being also, when Gon reactivates it, his enemy must be truly terrible.

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Who is stronger than adult Gon and Hisoka? You can check the follow-up on the second page!

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