Here are 5 Shinobi Naruto Experts in Infiltration and Infiltration!


Requires special abilities and skills in carrying out infiltration missions, only a few shinobi can do so. here are five specialist shinobi performing infiltration missions.

The mission of infiltration or infiltration is often required by a village or organization for a good or bad purpose. By getting information first, the party will be more benefited because it knows the weakness of the opponent.

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But the ability to infiltrate is not shared by all shinobi. Only a few shinobi are highly skilled and proficient in infiltration. Here are five shinobi following!


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<p> Jiraiya ranks first in his craft of infiltration or infiltration mission. He is very good at gathering information from other villages. One of the acts we have seen is when he will find out about the whereabouts of Pain in Amegakure. He can enter the village easily. </p>
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One of Jiraiya's jutsu that can be used for infiltration missions is Gamagakure no Jutsu and Toton Jutsu. The jutsu allows him to be in the stomach of the toad and is invisible to anyone.

Its chakra also can not be felt, so it can fool the enemy. Jiraiya's ability to infiltrate and gather information is beyond doubt.


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<p> Zetsu is depicted as a plant with a black and white face. Rernyata at the end of the Naruto anime manga is told that the white and the black are different entities. </p>
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The commonly used jutsu is the Kagero, which Zetsu can unite with the ground and quickly move elsewhere. While hiding, he can eliminate his chakra and personality so undetected by the sensor ninja.

When Itachi battles with Sasuke, Zetsu is also said to be able to record the fight. At Akatsuki, Zetsu is very useful for spy missions and infiltration.


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<p> Orochimaru is another genius figure in the shinobi world. His high thinking and intelligence skills make him also good at infiltration. His knowledge of each shinobi in detail makes it easy to deceive his enemy. </p>
<p> One of the simplest examples of Orochimaru's infiltration is during the chunin exam. He was disguised as a Kazekage whom he had previously killed unnoticed even by his teacher, Hiruzen who at that time served as the Hokage sitting next to him. </p>
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<p> Kabuto is a talented shinobi who has been an orphan since his childhood. Kabuto was recruited into a member of Ne by Danzo and subsequently became Orochimaru's subordinate. </p>
<p> Kabuto has no special jutsu to disappear and disguise. However, he is very good at infiltration to get information. For example, Kabuto successfully disguised himself as one of the chunin examinees from Otogakure. </p>
<p> He even fools Akatsuki and is regarded as Sasori's spy. As a member of Ne anyway, Kabuto is skilled in infiltrate and gather information. </p>
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<p> Almost the same as Kabuto, Itachi has no special tricks to infiltrate. The most dependable jutsu is a genjutsu that can trick and trap the enemy into the virtual world it creates. </p>
<p> This genjutsu helps a lot in its infiltration mission. Itachi can infiltrate Akatsuki's criminal organization with ease to get information so he also freely enters out Konoha. Indeed since young, when he joined Anbu, Itachi had many talents, including one of which was an infiltration mission. </p>
<p> Well, what do you think? Their ability is great yes. Some need to use the jutsu to infiltrate, some also use the ability to manipulate the emotions and intelligence of his mind for infiltration missions. They are certainly great at infiltration. </p>
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