Here are 5 Couples that Should Exist in the Anime Manga Naruto


Still alone until the end? Who is the right partner for them? Here's a couple that suits them in the manga anime Naruto

Not having a partner in the continuation of Naruto's story of course makes some characters languish. Why should they be left alone while their friends have fun? To be fairer, the author makes several couples for those who have not had a partner in the Naruto manga anime. These are the couple.


Gaara – Sari

It is cruel to the treatment of the author of Naruto against Gaara. From small Gaara life without love from parents, grow up and know friendship, but until the end did not get a partner. Shinki alone is only a foster child.

Gaara was once married to a figure named Hakuto from the Hockey family. But the matchmaking then led to a conflict, which fortunately ended without Gaara and Hakuto losing their lives. Hakuto and Gaara split up after that.

The perfect match for Gaara is Sari, one of shinobi famous women of the village of Suna. Gaara who is quiet but determined to be worthy to get a more cheerful companion and can color his life. A mate for Gaara would also avoid the next seizure of the Kazekage throne, as it probably falls in the hands of Shikamaru and Temari's descendants.

Another alternative to Gaara is probably Shijima, a girl of Orochimaru's experimental results. After Shijima sees Gaara giving Hakuto a new life opportunity, Shijima serves as Gaara's believer.


Kakashi – Shizune

Kakashi is a shinobi in Naruto which is notoriously cool besides Sasuke of course. Many who want to know the life of the past, the real face behind the mask he wore, and certainly speculation about his soul mate.

Accompanying Kakashi as secretary when becoming Hokage should make Shizune worthy of being Kakashi's life companion. Their properties are also suitable when they are serious or intriguing. Both are projected to be great partners. Incidentally Boruto also both seem to have no spouse yet.


Guy – May Terumi

May Terumi or the Mizukage is seen as a sexy and mature ninja. May even dream about marriage in the future. Clearly he also revealed that he regretted Sasuke's actions that he actually liked.

On the one hand, Guy is a personal and shinobi who is cheerful, attractive, and also has a burning passion. The pair of Guy and Mei seems a bit controversial, but Guy seems to be able to balance May in terms of deep thought and desire.

What is tragic enough from May is that although she was very sensitive she had passed the age of marriage (until she sometimes misunderstands people's talk), there is an indication that she was not married until Boruto . Similarly with Guy.

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