Here are 4 People Who Ever Mocked Luffy's New Technique (and Directly Punished)!

To confront his enemies, Luffy always develops new transformation techniques to strengthen the body and to make effective attacks.

Conscious not since since Gear 2, almost all the debut of the technique makes enemies facing mocking Luffy's new technique? Yep, every time Luffy changes, his enemy does not seem impressed. (Maybe jumawa because previously managed to excel). Luffy then makes them regret for having belittled him.

Do not believe it? Let's recall the four moments below!


Blueno Taunting Gear 2

When Luffy meets CP9 the first time, he not only loses. They are dangerous because they are able to surpass the Straw Hats. With Soru, they can be faster than Luffy. With Tekkai, all of Luffy's attacks can be ignored. Then with Shigan, their fingers can punch Luffy's body.


Luffy realizes that if he wants to save Robin, he has to develop a new technique. Created Gear 2 and Gear 3.

When Luffy faces Blueno, initially Blueno is once again able to make Luffy hassles. So Luffy activate Gear 2. Reaction Blueno can you see above: he was not impressed. Instead, he asks if Luffy just wants to bluff. When Luffy tries to attack him too Blueno looks not serious. He wants to try to surprise Luffy with Soru, then the result is like this.

Well, be aware of Blueno if he made a fatal mistake. It was the Straw Hats crew who had trouble following the Soru movement. Once the Gear 2 is active, the Blueno turns can not even see Luffy's movement.

Blueno is not the last person to mock Luffy's new technique.


Lucci Taunting Gear 3

Lucci, the ruler of the Rokushiki technique, is able to resist all of Luffy's techniques. (Including Gear 2). So Luffy also issued another Gear 3.

Lucci's reaction can be seen above. Just like Blueno, he was not impressed to see Luffy "just" inflate his organs only. Lucci then installed his strong Tekkai and prepared to accept the attack.

Actually this is evident proof of arrogance. In advanced fight, Lucci can avoid Gear 3. Doing it too is not difficult considering the technique is slow. At this moment he seemed to want to take it whole to show off if Luffy would not be able to hurt him.

Then what happened was this.

If only Lucci had been unlucky to land on board, this fight was over on the spot. Lucci might even die of drowning, considering that the other CP9 members had been too hurt to help him, and the Navy was mostly busy with their own affairs.

Luffy has proven how dangerous he is to belittle himself. But still the enemies do not give up mocking Luffy's new technique. Check two more names on the second page!

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