Here are 4 Kinjutsu You Might Not Know! (Number 5 Nothing!)

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Many kinjutsu or forbidden jutsu have been used and very popular in the Naruto manga anime, such as Edo Tensei and Shinigami . You must know about the jutsu. However, there are some kinjutsu that are still rarely discussed and received less attention. Here are 4 kinjutsu that you may not know in the manga anime Naruto .

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User: Anko Mitarashi

Anko is a Konoha shinobi and is a teacher who does not get too much special attention like Kakashi, Guy, or Iruka. Indeed, their capabilities are not as prominent as they are, but Anko has been raised under one of Sannin's legends, Orochimaru. At the end of the Naruto anime manga, Anko acts as an intermediary in reviving Orochimaru through his curse seal.


This one Shinobi has a kinjutsu that makes him hurt and even killed with his victim. Anko had used this jutsu against Shiore, Orochimaru's guise while taking chunin exams. Anko combines one hand with the victim's hand to form a hand seal which then removes a poisonous snake that bites both.

User: Torune Aburame

This one Kinjutsu comes from the Aburame clan, the lover of insects. Torune uses the dead shinobi corpses of war and manipulates them using insects. It makes a gas that can explode and cause a lot of very toxic insects. So much, the gas and insects can meet a large number of areas. It's really horrible ..

Another kinjutsu example can you check on the second page!

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