Here are 10 Places in Konoha that You May Want to Visit


Do you remember favorite places Naruto and Iruka to spend time? Konoha has many interesting places you know. Here are ten places in Konoha that you may want to visit.

During appearing in the manga anime Naruto Konoha has many interesting places to visit. Some are told to have historical value, emotional closeness, and also just a hangout for friends. Here are 10 places in Konoha that you may want to visit.



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The first place you might want to visit in Konoha is Shushuya. This place is a place for adults, because it contains alcoholic beverages. Shushuya is a Chinese restaurant that sells its own homemade sake combined with a portable meal. Jiraiya and Tsunade are seen spending time together to drink before he leaves the village to infiltrate Amegakure, which is the end of his life.


Yamanaka Flower

This place is very interesting to visit. Not only because it presents a variety of flowers are fragrant and fresh, but also guarded by one of Konoha's ninja women, Ino Yamanaka. The Yamanaka Flower Shop is a family shop owned by the Yamanaka clan. This shop sells flowers of all kinds and variations.


Naka Shrine

For those of you who want to travel spiritually, Naka Temple is a place to visit. Naka Temple is one of the holy places in the village of Konoha. In the main hall, under the seventh tatami mat from the far right, there was a secret meeting place of the Uchiha clan. There is a stone monument containing clan secrets and can only be read with certain dojutsu .

The upper level of the shrine was destroyed during the Pain attack on Konoha, though the secrets hidden below remained untouched and subsequently accessed by Taka and Orochimaru during the Fourth Shinobi World War. In order to access the main room, Sasuke Uchiha must use some seals to lift the sealing stone located above the driveway. The seal itself has Sharingan in its center. Really a very mysterious place.


Hokage Monument

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<p> It is one of the legendary places in Konoha, Hokage Monument is a mountain facing Konoha that has carved all the faces of Hokage who once ruled Konoha. The stone is said by Hashirama Senju as a symbol that the Hokage will always keep an eye on the village. The Hokage Stone is easily the most recognizable feature in the village of Konoha. </p>
<p> Adding a Hokage's face to the stone monument seems to take time, as the Fifth Hokage's face is not added until some time during a certain time in the anime and manga. There was once a Konoha stone engraver adding the face of Danzō Shimura and then Kakashi's face to the monument prematurely, which then forced him to wipe their faces once they were not given the official position. </p>
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The city park is also an interesting place to visit considering the park is identic with coolness and togetherness. As the name implies, Senju Park is a large forest area in Konoha associated with the Senju clan. The park contains a giant tree surrounded by a pool and a playground. This park has been destroyed several times. The first damage is caused by someone raging. The second attack occurred in the following days which further damaged the park. Later, when Nue was summoned, most of the landscape of the garden was destroyed in the fight against the Konoha shinobi.

Maybe RPTRA in Jakarta is a small version of this park huh?

Do not miss the sequel on the second page. There's definitely a favorite place in Konoha that you might want to visit.


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