Hear the Sounds of Luffy and Sanji at the Yahoo Collaboration and One Piece For Special Episodes!


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<h4> To commemorate the special episode of the anime <em> One Piece </em>they performed a unique collaboration together with Yahoo Japan. </h4>
<p> Anime <em> One Piece </em> has aired one of his special episodes, which lasted an hour on Sunday, October 1st. The episode featured a fight between Luffy against his own friend, Sanji. </p>
<p> Commemorating this special episode, <em> One Piece </em> collaborated with Yahoo Japan to create something unique. You can hear the sounds of Luffy and Sanji while searching for their names on Yahoo! Search Japan! </p>
<p> The trick is very easy, you just need to find the name of Luffy or Sanji plus "♪" behind it (without the quotes) then there will be some sound choices from Luffy and Sanji who describe different emotions about their fight. </p>
<p> The author himself has tried it by searching Luffy on the Yahoo Japan search page, and indeed some sound choices from Luffy plastered. This is how it looks when you want to search and try it later. </p>
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In the animated series, the fight between Luffy and Sanji occurs because Luffy wants to pull Sanji back into the Straw Hats Pirate. Sanji himself, who of course cared deeply for his Nakama chose to send Luffy and Nami to go who was then persuading him to return.

The fight broke out between the Captain and the Straw Hat Pirate Chef. What about the end of their fight? You can watch it in the anime One Piece Special Episode 807 and 808 (1 Hour Special).


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