Has Charlotte Katakuri Seen His Own Defeat?

While waiting for the leak of One Piece 895, the author wants to highlight the strangeness of Katakuri's gestures at the end of chapter 894. Has he realized that he will lose?

It is clear discussion of the possibility of Katakuri already seeing his own defeat this spoiler . If you are anti-leaked, it is not advisable to continue reading this article.

But if you are curious or have read, please continue to read the review below.


In One Piece 894, Katakuri and Luffy are still fighting excitedly. Utilizing the fall of the Mirror World, Luffy even had a severe blow to Katakuri's face.

Then at the end of the chapter, Katakuri shows quite unique gestures.

"What's the Straw Hat ?! Is this already … "

"Oh right."

"LAST ?!"

For the latter part, the author is actually confused as to who is speaking. The writer catches Katakuri himself who utters it, but look at the Katakuri reaction. He looked surprised.

Then in the next panel Katakuri looks … shaking?

The last page of chapter 894 was interesting. "This is the end," Luffy said. "Yes," said the Katakuri.

Then when Luffy activates Snakeman, Katakuri's face looks … quiet? Resign? What is clear, the droplets of sweat on his face indicate he is actually anxious.

So what's going on here?

The author argues that when Katakuri wants to convey "What is the Straw Hats ?! Is this … "he really has seen the future with his Kenbunshoku Haki. The problem is, the future that Katakuri sees is the moment in which he is beaten by Snake Man Luffy. Therefore his expression at the end shows neither confidence nor smile.

This is clearly a unique situation. How does it feel to see your own defeat with your ability? Given his strength, maybe this is the first time Katakuri feel such a thing.

Obviously, the Katakuri will not simply give in. The future he sees may often be accurate, including seeing Pudding suddenly crying. But Luffy himself is already at the last point of his stamina. If Katakuri can survive, he can win.

Uniquely, it is now Katakuri's turn to try to break his own future vision.

Well, that's speculation from Duniaku.net . How do you think? Has Katakuri seen his own defeat? Or is his strange attitude at the end of chapter 894 for another reason? Convey in the comment field!

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