Hanebado !, Anime About Badminton Ready to Launch This Year

Bored with sport anime whose contents are all guys? Quiet anime about badminton this one will make you crazy because the main character girl loh!

Typically speaking of sports anime or anime sports has always been dominated by men and predominantly dominated by quite popular sports in Japan such as football, american football, and baseball there is rarely anime of female characters and badminton themes that are more popular in Indonesia than in Japan.

But in the end there is an anime about badminton that contains all female characters.

A new site about the announcement of a new anime named Hanebado! has been opened. This anime is an adaptation of the manga made by Kousuke Hamada and is scheduled to air in the summer of this year.

Anime about badminton that has full name Hanebado! (The Badminton play of Ayano Hanesaki! tells the story of a Kitakomachi high school badminton teacher named Kentarou Tachibana who is confused because the team he has formed has too few members to make the team he can not get into the competition.


But his life changed when he found a disciple named Ayano Hanesaki who easily climbed a tall tree in the schoolyard and showed remarkable and remarkable motor skills. Tachibana tried to invite Ayano into badminton club but it turned out that Ayano did not like playing badminton at all.

After being persuaded finally Tachibana managed to invite Ayano to enter the club and adventure team Tachibana to reach the highest competition will start from here.

Shinpei Ezaki who previously handled Monster Strike The Movie will be the director of the film under LIDEN FILMS as his studio. Scriptwriter Boku dake ga Inai Machi and Haikyu !! Taku Kishimoto is believed to write this anime adaptation script. Satoshi Kimura (19459012) Roku de Nashi Majutsu Kōshi to Akashic Records ) will create his character and Tatsuya Kato () is believed to make his music.

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Hitomi Ohwada who had previously filled Midori Imai's voice in Shirobako and Tsubame Narumi in New Game !! will fill the voice of main character Ayano Hanesaki and Miyuri Shimabukuro will fill Nagisa Aragaki's voice.

This comic was first launched in manga magazine Good! Afternoon published by Kodansha in 2013 and has been recorded to 11 volumes where its 11th book has been published in October 2017.

Who can not wait to see beautiful girls smash really beautiful and energetic?

Edited by Fachrul Razi

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