Great Yet Young, This Is The Fact Of Asuma Sarutobi, The Best Teacher InoShikaCho


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<h4 style= Asuma Sarutobi is a great teacher, but unfortunately she has to die young in a fight. This is the fact Asuma Sarutobi, the greatest teacher of InoShikaCho.

As a special Jonin and also a companion teacher of the Genin, surely it is certain that Asuma Sarutobi is one of the great ninja owned by the village of Konoha.

However, fate says another. Asuma Sarutobi had to die young in a fight against Hidan. Although his appearance is not as frequent as Kakashi, but Asuma is an important character, and here are some facts of Asuma Sarutobi.


Smoker Weight

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<p style= Asuma Sarutobi is a heavy smoker. If asked what he likes other than Shogi (and Kurenai) is definitely a cigarette. His passion for cigarettes seems to have been derived from his father, Hiruzen Sarutobi or the Third Hokage who likes to smoke with cigars.

Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji also like to be disturbed if these 10 teams are gathering, and Asuma's teachers smoke around them. For them, this teacher has a cigarette smell in his body, and also the cigarette smoke is very disturbing. Shikamaru himself once shed tears because of cigarette smoke.

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Nevertheless, his love of cigarettes is very difficult to remove. You know what Asuma's last words were before he died? "I want to smoke, for the last one." Unfortunately, his last cigarette was not spent by him.

Before he died, in fact he wanted to quit or at least reduce his habit in smoking. This began to think of when his father died, and when Kurenai was pregnant.


Has a Nickname for His Student

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<p style= Unlike the other Genin escort teachers in his angels, Asuma has a distinctive nickname for his students. The students here are team 10, namely Ino, Shikamaru, and also Chouji. What are their respective nicknames?

Asuma calls Ino with the nickname "The Bawel" because Ino is a chatty girl, especially saam in the team 10. Shikamaru has a very clear nickname, "The Slacker".

Chouji is called "The Greeks", because when the 10 team is gathering in Yakiniku, it must be Chouji ordering a large portion of food, and always drain Asuma's wallet treating them.

How is the relationship between Asuma, and his father, Hiruzen Sarutobi? Are they really fighting? Check the next page.


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