Great But Evil! Here are 4 Non-Organization Criminal Ninjas that Have the Best Crime Achievement


Not Akatsuki, nor Madara. These four criminal ninja have excellent crime performance because of their prowess.

A great shinobi does not necessarily have good character and vision. Many of them join criminal organizations and do mischief at will.

Apparently, there are also non-organizational criminal ninja that is not less great. They managed to turn the path of time forward towards annihilation. these are the 4 non-organization criminal ninja who have the best crime performance.



Hanzo is a great shinobi that comes from Amegakure. He has the power of poison embedded in his body. In his childhood, the deadly black salamander toxin was injected into his body and made his breath become poisonous. Dubbed Hanzo the Salamander, he is the leader of the authoritative Amegakure village.

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The achievements he has shown are to finish off the samurai group including Mifune in it. But due to his courage, Danzo let Mifune live.

Hanzo also had a fight with Konoha sannin in his youth. At its peak, Hanzo conspired with Danzō to destroy Akatsuki leader Yahiko. As a result, Nagato unleashes her Rinnegan power and becomes evil.

Hanzo is to blame for Pain Nagato's crimes.



Danzo is a great political figure and shinobi from Konoha. The young Danzo is a good friend of Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Third Hokage. However, due to his jealousy and personal ambition, he was disappointed after he failed to occupy the third hokage position which was entrusted to his friends and rivals.

He subsequently replaced his hands with the hands of Shin Uchiha, injecting Hashirama's DNA on his body to strengthen him.

Danzō made Root Anbu organization a spy. His crime was to work with Hanzo to trap Akatsuki, to make Itachi a murderer by influencing him that the Uchiha clan's coup could only be stopped by killing the entire clan.

But it seems that he is quite a favorite in Konoha considering he is the sixth Hokage candidate, but was killed during his fight with Sasuke.


Ginkaku & Kinkaku

Ginkaku and Kinkaku are two brothers dubbed the Gold and Silver Brothers. They have great power because they can survive Kurama's attacks, even sucking his chakra to become half-jinchuriki.

They can use 5 elemental attacks using weapons at their disposal. Not only that, they can also seal the souls of their enemies.

The achievements of the crimes they inflicted were of course successfully killed Tobirama, the Second Hokage. Both are feared even by the Fourth Raikage that says Ginkaku and Kinkaku can defeat thousands of shinobi with his abilities.



Kabuto was not originally a shinobi worth considering. Only his high intellect alone can be his superior. But as time passes, he uses his ingenuity to gain the power he wants.

Secretly Kabuto has a hidden ambition behind his devotion to Orochimaru. He succeeds in absorbing Orochimaru's chakra after being killed by Sasuke and making it a half-snake.

As you know, Kabuto makes a difficult shinobi alliance with the jutsu edo tensei he did in the fourth shinobi world war.

That way, many victims arise on the side of the alliance because the shinobi generated by Kabuto is a shinobi that has a great quality and is feared in his day. With that ability, Kabuto's greatness and crime are worth considering.

What do you think? Do you also agree? Hanzo changed Nagato's life path, Danzo ruined Itachi's future, Ginkaku and Kinkaku ended the life of the Second Hokage, and Kabuto played an active role in the deaths of many shinobi in the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Nevertheless, it should though have great power used for positive purposes.

Edited by Doni Jaelani


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