GONGKAR, New Power Goku is a Technique Not Controlled by Beerus!


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<h4> The Dragon Ball Super 111 synopsis gives us a pretty clear hint of Goku's new power: a technique that even Beerus has not even mastered! </h4>
<p> Synopsis <em> Dragon Ball Super 111 </em> has appeared in cyberspace. In the synopsis, it is shown that Goku is battered against Jiren despite having aroused a new power. Well, talking about the new power of Goku ya, we get a clue (<em> spoiler </em>) which is pretty big. There mentioned his power is "<em> Mastery of Self-Movement </em>" or mastery of self-movement. What is <em> "Mastery of Self-Movement" </em> this? </p>
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" Mastery of Self-Movement " This, as the writer recalls, was once mentioned by Whis (though indirectly) as he coached Goku and Vegeta. The Beerus Assistant said that Goku and Vegeta still can not move fast because they still think before moving-especially Vegeta who thinks too much. Whis also said that this way of fighting will be very difficult, even Beerus who has become a God of Destruction also has not mastered this technique completely.

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<p> Well, as against this Jiren, Goku awakens the power of "Mastery of Self-Movement </em>", that force-which corresponds to his name-makes Goku able to move his body automatically without much thought. Of course, a technique that has not even been mastered by Beerus will make Goku faster than usual-and stronger. </p>
<p> However, it seems that Goku does not necessarily master the technique as a whole. Because according to the author, the flow in some episodes ahead is like the following: </p>
<li> Goku fight Jiren, deploy SSB: Kaio-ken 20x </li>
<li> Unable to defeat Jiren, Goku takes the last stance: Spirits </li>
<li> Goku fails to defeat Jiren with the Balls of the Spirit, awakens new powers. "<em> Mastery of Self-Movement </em>" </li>
<li> Goku is still defeated because he has not mastered the technique "<em> Mastery of Self-Movement </em>", Hit entered and fought against Jiren </li>
<li> From the title of episode 112 "<em> Vegeta's Resolve </em>" it seems Vegeta will help Hit against Jiren (unconfirmed) so give time for Goku to understand "<em> Mastery of Self-Movement </em>" [1945900014] ]
<em> Combat-Loving Saiyan Battle </em> "then Goku mastered" <em> Mastery of Self-Movement </em> "and defeated Jiren </li>
<p> Keep in mind, the synopsis for episodes 112 and 113 has not been released but the title is just a title. So, there is the possibility of the sequence can be missed. Oh, and I think too, Goku will get <em> new </em> form from <em> "Mastery of Self-Movement" </em> This is Super Saiyan White. </p>
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In essence, in Tournament of Power, Goku's new power will bring him closer to God of Destruction level. In his own manga, though unlike the anime, Goku has been able to use Bearing's technique against Zamasu even once only.

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Obviously, Goku will be getting closer to Beerus's strength. However, it seems that the distance between the two of them is still far enough considering that voice of Goku himself once said that the anime Dragon Ball Super probably going to reach 700 more episodes!


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