Goku Reaches the Dreaded Power Level of God!


In Dragon Ball Super 110, Goku can finally rival Jiren! No half-hearted, he reaches the level of power that makes the God of Destruction scared!

Yep, readers do not have to wait long to watch Dragon Ball Super 110. This episode aired live after 109. Must be fan Dragon Ball satisfied it, after last week this scene has to be a holiday?

But of course, this discussion contains spoiler . So for those who have not watched and do not want to get leaked is expected to be careful.


Goku Destroyed?

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In the early Dragon Ball Super 110, Goku can still throw Spirit Bomb with Jiren. But the power struggle ended quickly. Jiren was able to beat Goku with his own Spirit Bomb.

Spirit Bomb is a deadly force. Even Kid Buu alone is totally destroyed by it. Therefore, it's no wonder everyone thought Goku died as his energy vanished from the arena and his figure was nowhere to be seen.

If Goku dies because of this, will Jiren be eliminated? Apparently not. Goku is considered blowing himself up, so Jiren is not eliminated. This means Jiren loses enemies most likely to defeat him without penalty.

Fortunately, of course Goku is not dead yet. Instead, he opens up an extraordinarily powerful new form.


The New Super Saiyan Form?

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<p> This Goku form is probably already known to the audience first. The reason, Toei even released this image to promote <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> an hour this week. </p>
<p> But still the application of this power is very surprising and horrendous. Not only Goku, ultimately, was able to hurt Jiren … the whole audience was amazed and horrified by him. Especially the Gods of Destruction. </p>
<p> In this form, Goku is even so strong that Dyspo and Toppo seem to fly only in front of him. Do you remember when Toppo succeeded in pushing Goku at the exhibition? This time, Goku can even ignore the total of all Toppo attacks. Jiren had to ask his leader to stop because his help was useless. </p>
<p> Then there's the Dyspo. Dyspo has already proven to be the fastest brawler of Universe 11, which is capable of faster than Hit time stopping capabilities. But he remains perplexed by Goku's movement. </p>
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Beerus calls this condition an Ultra Instinct. Whis thinks that the Spirit Bomb that beat Goku becomes the trigger. The clash of power between all the energy gathered into Spirit Bomb, as well as Goku's own energy, made Goku break the potential shell within his body and transform into something … that even the gods feared.

Yep, there is even a god who does not think there is a mortal like Goku who can reach this level. Apparently, although no one has said directly, Goku has reached the God of Destruction level in this Ultra Instinct form.

Just like Jiren, who is said to be able to defeat the God of Destruction.

So it seems this is not Super Saiyan. It's more like Ultimate Gohan, where all of Goku's potential is open. It's just that, as Goku opens it himself, his power becomes even more terrible at his level.

Did this Goku manage to defeat Jiren? Check on the second page!


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