Gokil! Lord Orochi Performs His Strength in One Punch Man 92

One of the mysteries in One Punch Man is the power of Lord Orochi. The figure that is believed to be the strongest monster is always behind the shadow of a monster attack. But in One Punch Man 92 we finally can see the true power of Lord Orochi. Even his fight against Garou is really exciting!

Continuing from previous chapter Garou is attacked in an all-out at the monster's base to rescue a child, eventually confronting Gyoro Gyoro. Here finally a big plan was revealed related to Garou. This is because Gyoro Gyoro sees Garou as being potentially the strongest monster.

He also explained that to be a monster, one must experience the near-death state. That's why Monster Cell actually works by making the state of the human body almost dying. If he survives, then his body will increase and become a monster.

From what Garou experienced, Gyoro Gyoro saw that Garou had potential. He repeatedly experienced a state of near death, from fighting class A heroes, against Bang, possibly when he also defeated Saitama, until it was attacked by monsters at the Monster Association headquarters.

Gyoro Gyoro wants to make Garou a monster because of the evolution of his body strength up to now. Even the power of telekinesis Gyoro Gyoro can not hold Garou. Eventually Gyorou Gyorou summoned a figure who would fight Garou who was none other than.

Lord Orochi!

Lord Orochi undergoes a mutation of monsters far above other monsters. His body is also large. And against Garou, he attacks with horns and monsters that are part of the body of Lord Orochi.

Terrible from Lord Orochi, he was also a genius in the fight. He can soon imitate the stance of Garou!

When Garou exchanged attacks with Lord Orochi, the end of the fight was clearly visible. He was not the equivalent of Lord Orochi and he was covered in blood.

Gyoro Gyoro is also wondering whether the Hero Association will send a strong person to attack the Monster Association headquarters, someone stronger than the S Class hero. On the other hand, Saitama sniffs suspicions over the noise of the underground noise. Will Saitama attack the Monster Association headquarters?

Edited by Doni Jaelani

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