Gohan's Disappointing Appearance at Universal Saga Survival? These 4 Reasons!


In the end, is Gohan's appearance disappointing during the Universal Survival saga? According to the author hell yes. Here are four reasons!

The Gohan Road in Dragon Ball Super includes a very steep incline. The character who became the main protagonist when Cell Saga became so weak, that he often can not help when an important crisis occurs.

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On several occasions, even Goten and Trunks alone are more useful than him.

Then the Universal Survival saga came. Welcoming the tournament, Gohan assisted by Piccolo managed to revive the potential within him. Goku even so amazed at his son, that he surrendered the position of leader of Universe 7 to Gohan.

The incident made Gohan instantly felt to be an important character. Indeed, the other fighters that Goku recruited also showed great potential. Including 17, which is able to compete in balance with Super Saiyan Blue Goku. (Though both hold power). But only Gohan was given the position of leader of Universe 7.

Then the Tournament of Power begins and … yes … in the end, arguably Gohan's appearance is disappointing.

The more complete reasons you can read from the author below. But be careful spoiler !



Being Leader, Then Ignored

One of the surprises after Goku's fierce fight against Gohan is Goku appointing Gohan as the leader of Universe 7.

The author has great expectations with this Gohan position. Especially since the Tournament of Power is done by the format battle royale . In the chaos of combat, good leadership can lead the underdog to victory.

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Yet from the start of the tournament, Gohan was immediately ignored by a number of Universe 7 fighters. Goku and Vegeta, in particular, left immediately.

Gohan himself also made no attempt to assert his position throughout the tournament, and tended to let other fighters behave at will. Especially after the team that originally shared with Gohan started to split up. The position of the leader Goku handed over to Gohan also seemed to be in vain.

Gohan still performs well in the tournament, but he does it as a fighter who often has to act solo, not a leader.


Not Given a Fighting Opportunity Maximum with Other Major Brawlers

Until the end, Gohan was eliminated from Botamo, Saonel, and Pirina of Universe 6, Obuni of Universe 10, and Aniraza of Universe 3.

Of all the names, the biggest name that Gohan got rid of was Aniraza. The creature also faced Gohan with other Universe 7 fighters.

The surprising curiosity may be strong, but the one man is not the leader of the Universe 10. The leader of the universe is Murichim, who successfully handled Frieza easily.

Botamo, Saonel, and Pirina may be quite inconvenient, but again they are not the main fighters of Universe 6. Gohan has no chance to compete skill with Caulifla, Kale, and Hit, the main warriors of the universe.

Even the Universe 11 fighter which he eventually helped eliminate, Dyspo, was not a mainstay of Pride Troopers. He clashed with the leader of Pride Troopers, Toppo, but the fight was not shown seriously because it lost the spotlight with Vegeta-Goku against Jiren.

If Gohan had been given a chance to fight another mainstream warrior, as Goku did back and forth, or as 17-18 against Kamikaze Fireballs, there might not be any complaints about Gohan's disappointment.

Another reason the author feels Gohan's appearance on the Universal Survival saga is disappointing can you read on the second page!


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