Gohan Costume Manga Version Super Dragon Ball Has a Unique Difference from the Anime!

Toyotaro as mangaka Dragon Ball Super did not hesitate to make a number of differences over his anime version. Chapter 32, which has been released since a few months ago, shows the interesting differences in Gohan costume manga version Dragon Ball Super when compared to the anime version.

Anime Gohan costume is just as you can see below.

Like in Buu Saga, Gohan wore a typical orange school uniform, as used by Goku and Krillin.

Meanwhile in the manga version ….


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<p> After the practice home with Piccolo to revive his strength, Gohan's costume manga version <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> is a Piccolo outfit! If black and white makes you confused, just look at the cloth at Gohan's waist and his shoes. It was clearly a Piccolo costume. </p>
<p> Surely a true fan <em> Dragon Ball </em> definitely remembers that this is not the first time Gohan is wearing a Piccolo costume. Even this is the costume that he wore in his former glory era, when he became the first Saiyan to achieve the form of Super Saiyan 2. </p>
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Now the question is: does this costume change signify Gohan's achievement would be better in the manga version?


It's worth waiting for. Because Gohan lunge in college costume Kura-Kura so far feels disappointing. (Absorbed by Super Buu in Buu Saga, knocked out with Dyspo in the anime's Tournament of Power). Though the appearance of Gohan in the anime version it starts with a very potential. After successfully recovering the Mystic / Ultimate form thanks to the practice with Piccolo, he is able to force Goku to use Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken to defeat him. Gohan was appointed captain of Universe 7. Unfortunately the title and achievement did not mean much in the tournament.

Toyotaro itself has confirmed that the Tournament of Power manga version will definitely be different from the anime. Its beginning alone begins with different eliminations and eliminators. Let's see what Gohan costume manga version Dragon Ball Super This will mark a different fate for Goku's son in the manga. Who knows he can only succeed if he uses the Piccolo costume.

Well, that's the explanation of the difference in Gohan costume manga version Dragon Ball Super with anime. What do you think? Convey in the comment field!

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