God of Toppo Destructive Android 17 and Frieza!


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<h4> In <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 125, Toppo officially became the God of Destruction! He also showed a level of power that is really unfair! Are Frieza and 17 excluded? </h4>
<p> As usual, the discussion <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 125 contains this <em> spoiler </em> episode. If you're actually still looking for the show, you go to the wrong article. </p>
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But if you are already watching and want to make sure you do not miss the interesting details, want to refresh your memory before watching the latest episode, or do not mind the leak, just review the review below.


Vegeta and Goku fight Against Jiren Still Stuck

Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken Goku and Limit Breaker Vegeta is still trying to urge Jiren in Dragon Ball Super 125. But their current situation is still the same as before.

Combination attacks Goku and Vegeta can make Jiren fight defensively, but still both Goku and Vegeta fail to give serious injuries to Jiren. Goku's attempts to hold Jiren so that Vegeta can beat him up with Final Flash Flash Limit failed.

For now, the best thing that Goku can do is keep fighting until the end point of his stamina. Surely the Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken will make him exhausted, but so far Ultra Instinct always gets up when his energy is over.

So, until then, Goku can try to first analyze Jiren's movements. When ultimately the reflex of the Ultra Instinct god returns, he can provide a more effective counterattack.


The combination of Android 17 and Frieza had beaten Toppo

Toppo the leader of Pride Troopers has always been shown to be mighty since his first appearance. The heroes of Universe 7 may be able to surprise or destroy his clothes, but this tough man can always survive to fight back.

Android 17, who had to fight Toppo without Gohan's help, had even decided to forget the victory. He tried to use his unlimited stamina to escape and urged Toppo with a series of Ki.

Maybe Android 17 can do that tactic in the real world, considering the duration of the tournament to stay six minutes. Unfortunately, this is the universe Dragon Ball . The episode's duration is almost half an hour, but it seems like the time elapsed in the story is only a minute or two.

Toppo also succeeded in urging 17 and even almost eliminating it in a Ki fight. Then came the favor: Golden Frieza.

Frieza is clearly seeing a golden opportunity here. Toppo can be a hassle if he has to fight one on one. But now Toppo is stuck in a fight against Ki 17. Frieza can also attack Toppo from behind, allowing the attack of Ki 17 to blow up Toppo.

But Toppo has not been eliminated.

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God of destruction Toppo rose! Does this mean Belmod retires? Does Zen-Oh eliminate it? Read the discussion Dragon Ball Super 125 on the second page!


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