God! It Is The 7 Signs You Wit In Wibu!

In life, discussing about a thousand is not inexhaustible. In the world of local wibu, there are your friends who use their proud identity proudly!

However, be aware if there is a thousand who was deliberately hiding the power of his great wibu? Or even you alone who is an exemplary wibu?

Do not worry! Now there is a list you should look for to find one among your 'layman' friends, or to be a mirror for your own custom!



In the middle of your music collection is tucked Anisong!



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<p> Whether you have full discography of Arctic Monkeys, or how Suchmos and Frederic are two of the most trendy bands in Japan, you keep <em> soundtrack </em> <em> Macross Delta </em> in your music collection! </p>
<p> The taste of music is subjective, but of course you are judged by what you hear! No matter how you deny listening to Walkure, the fact that Walkure is stored on your playlist would prove otherwise! </p>
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Coming to premiere Anime big screen, unconscious conscious!



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<p> You can not wait to go live <em> Uchiage Hanabi </em> and <em> Fate / Stay Night </em> as you (try) to get excited to stop by watching <em> Infinity War </em> with your friends ! </p>
<p> In order not to get caught, you do not buy extraordinarily expensive tickets with t-shirts and <em> tumblr </em> and just pick up a ticket (which is still) expensive for the chance to divulge the plot when needed! </p>
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So, what about the other five reasons? Listen on the next page!

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