God! Even In The Era of Boruto, 5 Naruto's Character Is Still Disappointing!

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Serial Naruto clearly focuses only on the Fourth Shinobi World War. When the potential for global-scale conflicts arose in Borhor of course it occurs after a character imported from the seventh Hokage's lore story.

The fifth-placed Shinobi believer Jashin is the highest ranked fugitive among the other Shinobi, Akatsuki members who are staying as the most dangerous together with Kakuzu with the Zombi Brothers, just to fall in the trap of a young Jonin genius who avenged the death of his master and was buried alive.


With an embarrassing ending and an adventure that is nothing more than catching it and capturing it, Hidan's potential is very, very unfortunate just to be at the level of Mizuki.

Shinobi this one dream barely needs to be told here anymore about how he grew out of a most feared copy of Ninja's copy of his time, to becoming the most insufficient Hokage among all the Hokage who ever lived.

The lunge of a Hokage seems even less interesting because only a few of his actions are influential in the development of Konohagakure.

Only when he descends from the Hokage position in the new Boruto story Kakashi looks cool again. Seriously, as a Shinobi who probably only had a Genin education, Naruto as the seventh Hokage had far more achievements than the figure he feared in this Third Shinobi World War.

Kakashi leads in the most peaceful environment of Konohagakure village should be a great opportunity to explore the character in his daily life. But unfortunately, in the end the Kakashi Hatake became the most irrelevant member of the 7 team within the group, even when compared to the friend who became the most dangerous enemy in the world in the story Naruto Obito Uchiha.

Curious with three other disappointing Shinobi? Just look at the next page!

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