Getting ready! Charlotte Katakuri to Action in Anime One Piece 830!

Preview anime One Piece 830 reveals that next week's Sanji-Pudding wedding party will begin. The Emperor of the Black World, who has been shown his silhouette in episode 828, will also be fully introduced.

In addition, the anime One Piece 830 also seems to be showing off the power of the Katakuri for the first time in the anime version!

Charlotte Katakuri is the second strongest fighter in the Big Mom pirate group, seemingly surpassed only by Charlotte Linlin himself. He is notoriously invincible, and those of you who have been restrained do not hear leaked manga versions seem to see for themselves the cause next week.

What caught the attention of the writer was that Katakuri would indeed do more than the manga version of the episode 830.

In the manga version, which need to be faced by Katakuri at the beginning of Big Mom's wedding just one reckless person. In preview episode 830, until there are werewolves and men who seem to have twisted Bege's men with chains. There is also a large bald man with a ring on the nose that threatens a guard with a knife.

Unmitigated, the twin duo of the Katakuri (Oven and Daifuku) also seem to be stepping in and showing off the power to help him not to waste too much energy.


What kind of threats will Katacuri, Oven and Daifuku face in episode 830? Even those who have read his manga leaks just seem equally curious.

In addition to the introductions of the Black World Emperor, who seem to be more excited than his manga version, this distinction seems worth observing. Obviously, will definitely cover it on April 1 next week!

That's the discussion of preview anime One Piece 830. What do you think? Are you anxious to see Katakuri action in the animated version? Share your thoughts in the comments field!

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