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Infini-T Force which is one of the new Tatsunoko Productions anime series released this October and has only been running 3 episodes.

Recently, one of the Japanese production houses, Tatsunoko Productions, released an anime series entitled Infini-T Force . This anime is about four superheroes who must be separated from their world and move to a new world created by a super villain named Z. This super villain has the power to move something and destroy the world before.

The four heroes are Gatchaman, Polymar, Tekkaman, and Casshern. The four of them are superheroes Tatsunoko Production output also and is regarded as an old school because each anime of the super hero was released in the 70s.

Before further watching Infini-T Force it helps you to know who these four heroes are and how their stories are each before they finally move to the world created by Z.


Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

 Source: Tatsunoko Production </figcaption></figure>
<p> Gatchaman revolves around a superhero team consisting of five members and has a costume which describes five birds, namely Washio Ken (Eagle), Asakura Joe (Condor), Jun (Geese), Jinpei (Birds), and Nakanishi Ryu (Owl) .The turns into Gatchaman they use a tool in the form of bracelets which is used also to communicate. </p>
<p> The team of superheroes was founded by a scientist named Kozaburo Nambu who is under the auspices of the International Scientific Organization. Gatchaman was assigned to defeat a criminal organization called Galactor which is an organization that has advanced technology. </p>
<p> 2 </p>
<p class= Hurricane Polymar

 Polymar Tatsunoko Production </figcaption></figure>
<p> Polymar revolves around a young man named Takeshi Yoroi who is not considered by his father who a head of the Secret Police Agency called Onigawara Toragoro. </p>
<p> Before being abandoned, Takeshi was taught by his father to become a criminal investigator and master a variety of martial arts. After being abandoned, Takeshi worked as an assistant from a private detective named Kuruma Joe. </p>
<p> Takeshi gets the Polymar costume from a scientist who developed a new invention called polymet, a material stronger than steel. When turned into Hurricane Polymar, Takeshi will gain more power and be able to transform into one of five different vehicles. </p>
<p> However, Takeshi survived only as Polymar in a period of forty-six minutes. If he does not return to being a human being, Takeshi will be in a dangerous condition, where he can die of hypothermia. </p>
<p> Polymar itself has a weakness with high-voltage electricity and temperatures minus 50 degrees Celsius. After not being used, the costume is disguised as a motorcycle helmet. </p>
<p> 3 </p>
<p class= The Space Knight Tekkaman

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<p> Tekkaman tells of a young man named George Minami who was assigned to search for a new planet Earth because scientists have left the "Green Earth" project to save the Earth. </p>
<p> George was able to transform into Tekkaman after a scientist named Dr. Amachi created a system called Pegas and Tekset. The system is used to fight aliens by using humans to reach certain waves to transform into Tekkaman. </p>
<p> It was Dr. Amachi did after earlier, the project to search for the planet Earth failed after being attacked by a group of alien Waldarian aliens and named themselves as Waldaster. The incident led to the death of the father of George Minami. </p>
<p> 4 </p>
<p class= Neo-Human Casshern

Casshern is an android who has a human consciousness or better known as neorider . He is a young man named Tetsuya Azuma who turns himself into an android to defeat Buraiking Boss who uses robot armies to rule the world.

Casshern is accompanied by a robot dog named Friender who is able to transform into a variety of vehicles. With the power of its robot, Casshern is equipped with a variety of superpowers and various weapons.


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