Genei Ryodan Back in Hunter x Hunter 371! What about Hisoka?


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<h4> Manga <em> Hunter x Hunter </em> back! Chapter <em> Hunter x Hunter </em> 371 also shows the members of Genei Ryodan, the fan favorite villain of this series. But what about Hisoka, who has killed several members of this gang? </h4>
<p> Yep, <em> Hunter x Hunter </em> has returned through chapter 371. This chapter continues the efforts of Kurapika to protect Queen Oito in a power struggle dispute, which still seems to be long and complicated. </p>
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But it has long been known that the journey is not only filled by the royal family alone. There are a number of prominent figures who have also participated … such as Genei Ryodan

Hunter x Hunter 371 shows again that some areas of this transport ship have become like the city, so many people who participate. To the extent that there is illegal activity of illegal money collection.

Unfortunately for the thugs, in this chapter they are just trying to make trouble with the four main gang guys: Nobunaga, Feitan, Phinx, and Franklin. For the members of Genei Ryodan it is good, until the thugs just bonyok only.

For now, this quartet is looking for ways to ascend to the top. It seems that the thugs they were beating have given them a way to do that, even though they have to wait.

But not only was the quartet Genei Ryodan's only member who boarded the ship. Previously we've seen Chrollo blend in with the passengers. Here it appears he has interacted with Machi, a member of Genei Ryodan who was intentionally pardoned by Hisoka. They certainly hunted Hisoka.

Since Uvogin's death also the uniqueness of this sadistic gang is already visible. They consider other human lives to be meaningless, so they can slaughter the Kuruta, the mafia, and those who try to block them indiscriminately. But if their comrades die, they will be furious.

For those who forget, so often this series is hiatus, Hisoka is eyeing to kill all members of Genei Ryodan. He has finished Shalnark and Kortopi, now he still continues his hunt.

Chrollo is sure that Hisoka is on board, but for now this psychopath clown has not been seen yet. What is clear, Genei Ryodan's rule is that anyone who finds Hisoka first has the right to kill him.

That can be fatal, because it seems the only thing that can beat Hisoka in the gang is now Chrollo. After being humiliated in their final duel, Hisoka will certainly be eyeing the last Chrollo.

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Is the plan of Genei Ryodan, who has bothered to ride Black Pope transport to the Black Continent will succeed? Or is Hisoka hunting them one by one? Share your opinion about the developments in Hunter x Hunter 371 this in the comment field!


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