Gems with a Million Life Lessons


 houseki no kuni "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> Why the rating <em> Houseki no Kuni </em> is capable of skyrocketing so high? Is it true that the appeal of this anime lies in its concept of containing many mystery? Check out his review! </h4>
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Deep in the future after the sixth life cycle, an eternal life form called Lustrous has inhabited the Earth. Twenty-eight Lustrous must fight against Thanos Lunarians that come to attack and turn them into ornaments. Every Lustrous would have the role of being a fighter or medical officer.

This story focuses on the Phosphophyllite, often called Phos, the youngest 300-year-old Lustrous who has not been assigned yet. He wanted to help fight the Lunarians, but his body was too weak to fight.

The thief has stolen precious gems! Solve the puzzle and reclaim the prize!

One day, Master Kongou who is a master and teacher of the Lustrous gave him the task of making an encyclopedia of natural history. Since that time, Phos has been adventuring to discover new things that could have been incorporated into his work. However, what will happen in the future will someday change Phos's destiny forever.

Can he find what he has been looking for?

The Slow Plot Sweeps

Honestly, actually the author was skeptical with the synopsis and visual keys are displayed. Well, maybe some of you had thought this anime might be the story of the drama-dramas shoujo because of the beautiful appearance of the characters

But after watching all the episodes one by one, the author seemed hypnotized to continue watching and watching again. Despite the story of the battles of Lustrous and Lunarians, the atmosphere that was presented was very peaceful and bright impression.

Though visible slow paced the audience will not be bored by the storyline. This anime is not just about telling about Lustrous feud with Lunarian. There are many other sides that make writers interested in the mystery of the origin of life, the inner conflicts between the characters, and the moral values ​​contained in every existing event.

Like the minerals that make up the bodies of the Lustrous, all hint are complementary to each other slowly but surely. No small details are missed so that to the peak of the climax, we will probably understand why Lunar attack Lustrous which in fact is an eternal but fragile life.

One of the attractions of this anime is that its character tends not to be judge from the moral side. What does it mean? Click next page!


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