GEGER! Discover 6 of Naruto's Strongest Narrow Element Jutsu Line here!

Lightning element jutsu, or commonly called Raiton, is always associated with Sasuke and Kakashi, and we often forget about a village with all lightning elements, Kumogakure!

Some of the most popular lightning elements are not the strongest jutsu on this list, you know! Obviously, often worn does not mean its power is also increasingly terrible!

Hence, what are some of the lightning elements in Naruto that deserve to be regarded as the strongest jutsu? Check out the list below!

 Black Panther Jutsu "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> </p>
<p> <em> Kumo Forever! </em> The derived Jutsu from the Third Raikage to Darui this really has the power of destruction and the potential of being flexible to be the mainstay attack of its owner! </p>
<p> Manipulating the black thunderbolts they both master, this jutsu is created to chase his opponent with a ferocity, especially with the shape of his panther! </p>
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What makes it a tough jutsu worth taking into account is its ever-needed usefulness anytime! From stopping an impromptu attack to overthrowing a big enemy with one attack, it's no wonder Chidori is the most popular stunt on this list!

Thus, what are the more powerful jutsu than the Chidori? Check out the sequel on the next page!

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