Garou Demonstrates the Strength of A Supervillain


Chapter manga One Punch Man 82 continues Garou's fight against the heroes of class A heroes. Can he win against all of them?

Discussion of the manga chapters One Punch Man 82 this clearly contains spoiler especially for those of you who focus on watching the animation only. So if you do not want to get leaked, be advised carefully if you want to continue reading.

But if you've already read and want to make sure not to miss the interesting details, or do not mind spoiler just continue reading reviews One Punch Man 82 below.



The Power of A Supervillain

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Honestly, Garou is actually in a position that will make Saitama envious. Garou is now very strong. His abilities also continued to evolve in every fight he passed.

Even so, he did not win his battles easily. Victory is not even guaranteed by Garou. He must bleed and harness the power, technique, and intelligence of reading the situation to be able to excel. Especially if he was already under siege, as he was facing in One Punch Man 82 this.

Basically, Garou is the answer to the question: "What happens if a criminal possesses the power of a manga hero's determination shonen ?"

The answer: Garou can overcome all obstacles that block his path. This is because he constantly exercises his strength, unlike some criminals who prefer to sit back until the hero comes to visit their base.

Garou's determination also made him not run, take hostages (there was one child he could use in the hut behind him), as well as doing other typical criminals. He did a sneaky act, but the heroes who ganged him were not exactly fair play.

Due to the strength of this hero-style determination Garou can finally win. The fate of class A heroes seems to have been determined since Garou overcame one of them, disrupting the neat combination that has been composed since the previous chapter.

Garou still seems to want to be stronger. But, considering that he is too strong he will experience the same thing with Saitama (the fight is no longer interesting because he is definitely winning), he should enjoy more exciting moments like this.


When Gatling Gun Pun Powerless

Garou warns Death Gatling if there is an innocent child in the building behind him. Death Gatling did not believe and fired his machine gun with maximum strength to Garou.

So, what does Garou do? He deflected Death Gatling's deadly weapon and weapon by blocking all the bullets thrown at him. It's pretty amazing, considering the Gatling Gun as used by Death Gatling has a very high bullet throwing speed.

When the Death Gatling attack ends, he also confronts Garou with no ammunition left at all. Meanwhile, although the hut behind Garou was destroyed, the child inside was unharmed. This further indicates that Garou is indeed a villain with a hero's soul.

Already ahead, Garou says should Death Gatling swallow his pride and ask for the help of the S class heroes instead of launching an attack accompanied by an ally of class A. In the end, the power of the class A hero is also incapable of matching Garou.

The desire of Death Gatling to be recognized ultimately made him unwilling to hear Garou's words. The class A hero still intends to attack with a knife, but without his weapon, he can easily be overcome by Garou.

Although Death Gatling did not ask, there was one class S hero who descended to handle Garou in the manga chapter One Punch Man 82.


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