Gak Kembar, But 6 Put Anime Character It's So Match!


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<h4 style= There may already be more than thousands of anime characters created to date. As a result, not strange if you find an anime character that is similar to other characters when it does not have a relation brother. So who is it?

Maybe you've found there are some anime characters that are similar to other characters. Yes it is natural if the anime character is similar to have a brother relationship and is in an anime title. But what happens if there are two anime characters who have similar faces but come from different anime titles?

Whether intentional or not, here follows a row of anime characters that resemble each other.


Ren Ichimoku – Utakata

What makes Ren Ichimoku from anime Hell Girl so similar to Utakata of the anime Naruto? Oh of course because the two characters have a hairstyle that may be inspired from the figure of Andika Kangen Band .

Ren himself is an assistant of Ai Enma, and has 3 eyeballs. His third eye is used to see the space and can penetrate the wall. Ren's beauty also made her an idol for girls.

Meanwhile, Utakata was a ninja of Kirigakure during The Bloody Fog Era . Utakata fights using the Ninjutsu Water Element Soap Bubble and becomes one of the shinoba that makes Naruto overwhelmed.


Gildarts Clive – Shanks

The next character of anime is Gildarts Clive of Fairy Tail and Shank of One Piece . If at a glance you may be a little difficult to distinguish these two characters. They both have light red hair color and thin beard.

Shanks has a physical deficiency in his hand due to an attack of sea monsters, while Gildarts has a physical deficiency on his legs against the dragon.

In addition to the physical, the nature of both are quite similar. Gildarts and Shanks are authoritative characters but can also act ridiculous.


Kageyama – Shikamaru

Again and again the character of the anime Fairy Tail that bears a resemblance to other anime characters. This time it was Kegeyama who had a resemblance to Shikamaru Nara of the anime Naruto Shippuden.

Both have a hairstyle tied to the back. Salain, which makes Kageyama "twin" Shikamaru is because the stance used the same. Both use shadows to defeat every enemy.

There are still three more pairs of similar anime characters. Anyone? Check on next page!

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