Gaara Is The Best Kazekage? Here's the Reason!

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Not only Konohagakure, shinobi Sunagakure is here!

Kazekage is a title given to the strongest Shinobi figure in Sunagakure, not only in ninjutsu but also its influence for all villagers. So, how does Gaara become worthy of being considered the best Kazekage today? Through other Kazekage track records, the reasons will be revealed here!



Failure of Previous Kazekage



Though the Third Kazekage was regarded as a stalwarted Kage in Sunagakure, he eventually encountered his death in the hands of Sasori, who years later subdued by the combined forces of Sakura and Chiyo.

This fact certainly makes the greatness of the creator of the magnetic element jutsu not guaranteeing the figure as the strongest Kazekage in Sunagakure. Instead, he showed a fatal mistake in judging the greatness of a Kazekage!

Shamon as a Second Kazekage also cursory looks so tough. However, he did not yet have sufficient evidence of his strength, especially when Shamon was killed by unknown hunter ninja.

Achievement of Shamon as the first Sunagakure shinobi to research the stealth tail one, Shukaku deserves appreciation. But Shamon is still far to be said to be the strongest Kazekage.

Although Reto holds a very vital role in the establishment of Sunagakure and unites the desert ninja, this large figure remains dead in the hands of the hunter ninja. To make matters worse, the subsequent death of the successive Kage-Kage makes people believe in the curse of the Kazekage who will not die peacefully.


Compared to other villages, Sunagakure is a much smaller village than Konohagakure and Kirigakure. With the above examples, it must be evident that the Kazekages seemed condemned to die as a result of hidden assassination attempts. Even Gaara the Jinchuuriki Shukaku did not escape this, though in the end we all know that his life was saved by Chiyo.

After a discussion of the preceding Kage above, what about the reviews against Gaara? Check out the sequel to the next page!

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