Fusion Kale and Caulifla Wear Potara, Is Vegito Also Allowed?


Strangely, fusion Kale and Caulifla are shown wearing Potara. If so, will Goku and Vegeta be able to use Potara as well?

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As the author compiled an article fusion which is still possible in the Tournament of Power, the author assumes that merging can only be done with fusion dance . You see, Potara is clearly a foreign object that could be considered a weapon.

Zen-Oh might be able to tolerate the Mafuba container. That's not surprising, since basically the Mafuba plague is just another small bottle anyway. Potara is different. With this, some fighters could join in forming warriors that might be troublesome to Jiren though.

Hence the writer is confused when he realized fusion Kale and Caulifla did wear the Potara earrings.

The author feels that the two have indeed brought Potara earrings from the beginning, and finally decided to wear them. Then the two joined into a unique fighter, who possessed the brain of Caulifla genius and the unique energy of the Super Saiyan Legendary of Kale.

What happened after that made writers curious. Will Zen-Oh forgive them for thinking this technique is cool? Or the Zen-Oh duo will actually wipe them out in place, so Goku and his friends will not try to ask Potara from Supreme Kai Shin so that Goku can fusion with Gohan or Vegeta?

If according to a personal author, if it is a Potara earrings, Zen-Oh will let them both join because they think this transformation is cool.

Then, where did they get the Potara earrings? Logically they get it from Fuwa, Supreme Kai Universe 6. But the funny thing is, Fuwa's earring in some of his looks looks completely green.

Want to know who his Potara earring character has a golden-green color? The answer is Zamasu.

This is very unique is not it? Did Kale and Caulifla get it from Zamasu? If so, how? The author has absolutely no idea, because the multisemesta of the Future Trunks era has been completely eliminated by future Zen-Oh.

So, Will Goku and Vegeta Be Vegito?

The author feels this will depend on several things. First: may not fusion Potara done? If possible, there is still one more factor that determines: is fusion Kale and Caulifla done with the Potara they have already brought, or cast by Champa and Fuwa?

If they have already brought Potara himself, the writer feels Goku can not arbitrarily ask for Potara from Shin. It would be considered an intervention from the outside and could make the Shin perish with Beerus.

But it's another story that Kale and Caulifla lose, then the earrings Potara they use left in the arena.

The problem is, well, this Tournament of Power rule can be fiddled with by Zen-Oh duo. So the author does not know what will happen.

How do you think fusion Kale and Caulifla happen? Convey in the comment field!


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