Funny! This Man Arrested Police For Catching Stealing with Naruto Jutsu


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<h4> Reading manga or watching anime does not always have a positive impact. Examples such as what happened to an American youth who was caught wanting to steal by trying Naruto jutsu. </h4>
<p> As reported by the Goboiano website, a young man named Christopher Atkins was arrested by police after being found intent on stealing at a supermarket store in Atlanta, Georgia. </p>
<p> But it's not just that that makes this case excited and becomes a conversation. When asked by the local police, Christopher Atkins admitted if he was studying one of Naruto's stance of sneaking around to enter the store. But it seems that the ninja exercises even lead to big problems. </p>
<p> One of the police officers named Sillah told how the chronology of the incident. "An officer contacted me and began to interview him (Christopher Atkins). He said, if he often read Naruto manga, and in the manga is taught Naruto jutsu to be a ninja, "said Sillah. </p>
<p> While Atkins was charged with first-rate burglary, he did not actually steal anything from the store. He's carrying a bag of books, DVDs, and tablets, but no items from the store. </p>
<p> Christopher Atkins was not the first person to be fared for the anime or manga affair. Thaddeus McMichael, this American youth also had time to deal with the police because of animanga addiction. </p>
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Thaddeus began to be widely known after uploading photos with his waifunya Kotonoha Katsura from the anime series School Day on Facebook. Love of this anime character is increasingly extreme when he also uploaded a video during sex with a pillow shaped Kotonoha Katsura.

But what made Thaddeus have to deal with the police was when he was caught red-handed on saving child pornography videos. This sex deviation also makes him have to languish in a cell of detention until 2020.

So do not let you be too fanatical about anime or manga which consequently have a bad impact on your life or the environment around you.

Source: Goboiano


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