Fun Streets to AFASG 2017, The Largest Anime Event of Southeast Asia!


After the annual event which is always awaited by anime and manga fans in Southeast Asia, the Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2017 (AFASG 2017). The event which was held for 3 days starting from the date of 24 to 26 November 2017 is successfully suck so many visitors thanks to interesting content and also favorite artist that you can meet.

Various subscriptions and flagship booths are certainly present in this event such as the Good Smile Company booth for example that this time brought some [WonFes limited] items, which you can buy instantly in the AFASG event 2017 without preorder!

There is also a Bang Dream booth where Bushiroad is currently promoting it all out lately. In the Bang Dream booth, you can take pictures with the standers of Poppin 'Party members and also try Bang Dream mobage.

For visitors who like gacha or 'gambling' for example, many come to the Banpresto booth, where there are some Ichiban Kuji that can be tried.

Of course, everyone is racing to get the main prize. Even if you fail, you will not go home empty-handed, but still can take home a small present.

The booth so highlight in this event itself is Aniplex Saekano booth. This Saekano booth displays Megumi Kato figure on a 1: 1 scale, which can be purchased for 25 thousand SGD alias 250 million rupiah!

Cool, on the last day there was a sultan who bought, amazing! Not only that, Saekano booth provides a lot of interesting things, such as the AR area that can bring up Megumi Kato if you download the application, then also there is art from Saekano displayed in it.

If you shop at Saekano booth to spend 80 SGD alias 800 thousand, you can also get coupon meet and greet together with Megumi Kato's seiyuu Kiyono Yasuno! Certainly only limited to the first 100 people.

Another booth featuring visual key anime is the booth of Violet Evergarden, the newest anime from KyoAni which airs in January 2018.

The first episode anime was screened in the stage area on Saturday. If you want to try the latest games or games that have not released, can stop at the Bandai Namco booth.

Here Bandai Namco provides various game titles such as Nanatsu no Taizai, Kamen Rider Climax Fighters, Little Witch Academia, Girls und Panzer, Gundam Versus and . hack // GU Last Recode to try.

No less interesting is the Idolm @ ster booth, where various poster series Idolm @ ster are on display. Not to mention also some items, figures, to the costumes used by his seiyuu in stage. Definitely so booth which is very appealing to Idolm @ ster heavy fans.

Bandai booth itself did not want to lose, by displaying a large statue of Gundam Exia on the front.

This time within the framework of 10 years of Gundam 00, Bandai will release PG Gundam Exia and his samples were exhibited at Bandai booth, along with other gunpla-gunpla P-Bandai.

In addition to the various official booths that have been mentioned and have not been mentioned for too many, there are still many booths of exciting stores that sell various merchandise anime, ranging from strap, figure, to plushie.

Do not forget to also stop by the food area when it's hungry to explore event, where the food area is working with TV Tokyo and the anime Isekai Shokudo. After buying a meal, you will get a coupon that can be redeemed with a clear file folder of Isekai Shokudo.

Not to forget there is also Creator's Hub, where you can buy various doujin and fan merchandises made by fellow fans. This area includes one of the most crowded areas during event taking place.

Event was continued with a concert every day for three days, which started at 7 pm.

For those of you who have never been to AFASG and are interested in visiting AFASG, may be able to go in the next year, where AFA will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Of course, many are expecting a lot of special content within the framework of the AFA 10th anniversary. Each year, the AFASG event can always provide satisfaction for animanga fans, including this year where the content is very exciting!

Edited by Doni Jaelani


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