Fuji TV Confirms the Fate of Super Dragon Ball! The Serie 100% Graduation?


The news of his graduation Dragon Ball Super became a hot topic since last week. In response to this, Fuji TV representatives were interviewed about the fate of Dragon Ball Super . Their answers increasingly confirm that this one series is indeed ending!

As previously reported, the last episode Dragon Ball Super will air its end of March. After that the series will be replaced by the 2018 version of Gegege no Kitaro . This decision might surprise the fans, considering the Dragon Ball Super was unbelievably successful.

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To be sure, SoraNews24 interviewed direct representatives of Fuji TV for confirmation of the fate of [DragonBallSuper]. The result? Yes … Fuji TV actually confirms that Dragon Ball Super did end in March.

In the interview, representatives of Fuji TV stated that the Dragon Ball Super series is finished for now. When asked whether the Dragon Ball Super did not just replace the airtime, Fuji TV's representatives dismissed and declared there was no such thing.

Then does the Dragon Ball Super series be continued next time? For now, Fuji TV has not determined anything about it. But if there is such a plan, then they will declare it officially through press release .

So, it seems that the fan Dragon Ball really should be ready to part with Goku on the screen. At least, there is still a manga version you can follow. There is also a new movie which will be released in December.

Regarding the exact cause why Fuji TV decided to end Dragon Ball Super has not been known so far. But at least the series ends at a truly fitting moment: Universal Survival saga, where Goku and Vegeta must fight fighters who are level or even beyond a God of Destruction.


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After going through this level of battle, it is certain that Goku and Vegeta will reach the God of Destruction level as well. Looks like it's a great cover for this series.

Well, how do you think about the fate Dragon Ball Super this? Convey in the comment field!

Source: SoraNews24


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