From Polos So Sangar! Here are 5 Naruto Characters That Suddenly So Cool in Boruto!

Discussing Naruto is inexhaustible, not to mention with the appearance of Borhor !

Not only are the many figures Naruto who grew up exactly as we thought in Boruto but also not a few of the Naruto characters who grew up with an unexpected future in Borhor

Naruto did grow up as a seventh Hokage is certainly not a surprise, even the story of a Uchiha Sasuke as the head of the last Uchiha clan was predicted as a continuation, but through Boruto the things that happened different from the previous assumption!

Hence, who are the characters of Naruto who developed so prominently in Boruto that changed the scale of their role in the ninja world? Check out the list below!

Alumni Naruto most clearly seen his development among other characters! Than just the grandson of Hiruzen the terrible Third Hokage became a big fan of Naruto Uzumaki and suddenly became one of the most important figures in Boruto !

Konohamaru made his debut in Boruto as the mentor of the son of the Seventh Hokage! Inheriting the values ​​of Naruto's life as a guide to his life, Konohamaru addressed these values ​​with much more maturity and became a good teacher for Boruto!

Boruto's younger brother did not look so intimidating at the beginning of his appearance, other than accidentally striking his brother with Juuken!


By becoming a potential successor of the Hyūga family versus Boruto, Himawari proves his strength is not mere coincidence. And it is not surprising that in the future he may later be considered a serious force that helps Konohagakure!

Who are the ones who deserve to be called the suddenly cool figures in the Boruto world? Check out the next page!

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