Freeza Might Get Erased In The Tournament Of Power !

Howdy Everyone, In this blog we are going to talk about if Freeza will be erased in Tournament Of Power. So, let’s get started without any further delay.

Freeza Might Get Erased In Tournament Of Power !

Freeza is one of the most important & evil character in the  Tournament Of Power. When the tournament started we could say that he was up to something. We all know that Freeza hate Saiyan race and wants to annihilate them and still he is fighting in the Tournament with Goku and Vegeta that clearly shows that he up to something.

Moreover, recently in an episode Freeza’s plan was revealed he is planning something against that gods and Freeza he wants to control gods or maybe rule over Zeno King because that will give control over the whole multiverse and everyone thinks he will initiate his plan towards the end of Tournament Of Power. 

I don’t think Freeza’s plans will be successful and he will end up being erased forever by Zeno Sama and recently, Toshio one of the writor of  Dragon Ball Super hinted that this time Freeza will not get away with everything thing he has done.

Most likely when Freeza will try to make the wish with Super Dragon Balls, someone from the universe 7 maybe Goku or Vegita will try to stop him and will kill him, Freeza is already dead so if he died again he won’t exist anymore.

But it can also happen that Freeza is erased by Zeno before even he gets a chance to make a wish and moreover, he needs gods language to make the wish. So, Freeza is already at disadvantage and this might be that end of his evil.

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