For the sake of the Fruit, a Father Rela Sell His Rare YuGiOh Card




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<h4 style= For the cost of his daughters kindergarten, a father willingly sold the Blue Eyes White Dragon card from his rare YuGiOh series. Super once.

We all know that child rearing is not easy and costly enough especially in an increasingly uncertain economic era from day to day. As the cost of education for children is increasing day by day, there are items to be sold to meet those needs and in this case there is a father who must sell Blue Eyes White Dragon card from the YuGiOh series.

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A Twitter user in Japan named KnightMiyabi announces that he sold a collection of Blue Eyes White Dragon cards from his YuGiOh series to pay for his daughter who will go to kindergartens aka Kindergarten. The card he was selling was not the usual Blue Eyes White Dragon card but a rare super card that was only given to Jump Festa in Japan in 2000.

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<p style= Knowing the card is a rare card he keeps the card and he is finally ready to sell it when he needs it. He keeps four Blue Eyes White Dragon cards and sells them for a considerable price. Although he did not mention the exact price, but he said on his Twitter account that the card can be priced around 600 thousand yen / sheet (about Rp 63 million).

According to Yahoo Auction site! one rare card from Blue Eyes White Dragon can be priced 391 thousand yen / sheet (approximately USD 48.8 million).

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<p style= He intends to sell his collection of rare YuGiOh cards when he sees his son looking around and playing his father's card collection. From there he immediately thought to sell some of his collection of scarcity for the school fee of the baby who will enter kindergarten. He also uploaded a photo of the proceeds from the deal where there were many sheets of 10,000 yen.

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<p style= KnightMiyabi also stated that although he had to pay his son's kindergarten registration fee as well as a three-year child care fee of 1 million yen (about Rp 125 million). He also stated the biggest reason he sold his scarce card was "my personal desires and memories can not be changed into the smiles and memories of my daughter".

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<p style= Really a wise and kind-hearted man yes. For the girls, this is the ideal husband you should look for in the future hobby millions of dollars can be sacrificed what else you.

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