FLOOD! It's the 6 Greatest Water Element Jutsu in Naruto!

In life, the basic elements that built the world Naruto and Boruto of course have unlimited potential to be the strongest element, let alone the element of water!

Of course, the village that has the greatest potential to master the strongest jutsu in this element is certainly Kirigakure. But the jutsu is not mastered by his Mizukage! In fact, it is precisely the criminals who master this terrible ability!

Indeed, Tobirama Senju is the strongest water element user in the world Naruto but all he does is enlarge the scale of his jutsu power that is fundamentally less special.

Hence, what is a water element jutsu that actually possesses great strength from the beginning for anyone capable of removing it? Check out the list below!

 water jutsu utakata "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> </p>
<p> Even foam alone can be a dangerous stance, you know! The jutsu controlled by Utakata is specifically categorized as <em> Bubble-kei </em> is extraordinarily flexible with a variety of things that can be filled in its bubble! </p>
<p> With the explosion it produces, Shabondama no Ninjutsu can unexpectedly become a deadly trap for its opponents! </p>
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To expel this moment, Tobirama Senju does not even need a great source of water! And of course, this is what makes it a horrible water element jutsu user!

What about the other four jutsu? Are they all much stronger or much weaker? Find the answer on the next page!

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