Flick Royale Review: Come Play "Bijimu"


Flick Royale brings different experiences in enjoying the game of the carrom with a wide range of fascination in it.

It has been imagined in your mind that the carrom game is so ordinary and identical to the game of fathers or the game of siskamling time into an exciting game with a comic-style story shounen with everything trademark and keep it? Two comic artists named Beatrice Nauli and Nikki Dibya Wardhana, often called "Dewe" made it happen in their latest comic titled Flick Royale .

Flick Royale is a comic that is serialized in the Cosmic comic magazine and has been made into one book released to coincide with the 2014 Popcon Asia title on 5 – 6 August 2017.

This comic is the fourth collaborative work of Beatrice and also Dewe after previously they have collaborated in the one-shot one-shot entitled Seishun Bakuhatsu Fire, Daily Whatever, and Spin Saga . Previously Dewe had also entered the Webtoon Line via Super Santai along with Beny.

All three of their earlier comics also incorporated unimportant and very random elements into an exciting and important story to see as comics about who is best at rotating pencils, pens, spoons, even knives by hand in schools and comics parodied Ultraman with local wisdom.

Flick Royale is an extension of the Spin Saga but brought to a more professional sphere with the same spirit


Romi, a new boy who came in a Cikarom 13 for college was suddenly approached by a thug to be challenged to play carrom.

His life changed when he learned that the carrom game he was playing was not an ordinary game but a game called Flick Royale that could save their boarding house from the tyrannical attack. Together with his friends, Romi embarked on his new adventure and through his youth by playing Flick Royale .

Much humor tucked into his comic

Flick Royale is very clever in playing the element of humor here. In addition to the theme of the story is able to make click amazed and laughed at the same time many inserts that appear in this comic that can make readers smile amused to see it and it has appeared at the beginning of the story.

Starting from a game of carom that seems exaggerated to use the mathematical theory of the Fibonacci Tree, the name of the Flick Royale which sounds nobody but powerful when competing, the character is the personification of the connoisseurs anime which is too Japanese to Japanese and to the many references of the popular Japanese manga the iconic pop culture and the distinctive reference of Indonesian culture that adds humor in Flick Royale .

The behavior of the background, scene, and character that exist in Flick Royale is capable of arousing comical and comical impression without having to be contrived let alone this comic always reveals the word "seed" which can mean double depending on who is reading and interpret it.

Flick Royale does not force people to laugh at comics and does not intend to be a comic comic completely and that's the great thing about this comic because Bea and Dewe bring the story sincerely and pure without any frills to be funny so that the existing comic story just flows and becomes the amplifier factor of this comic.

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