Five Kage Gathered in Konoha


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<h4> <em> Boruto </em> episode 24 featuring a meeting of five Kage. The great thing that provoked the Kage to gather officially in Konoha? </h4>
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Discussion Boruto this 24th episode clearly contains spoilers for those who have not watched. So you can watch the animenya before continue to listen to the reviews below.

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The Five Kage Summit

Yep, five Kage gathered in Konoha for Boruto episode 24 of this. The first to come is Darui, the Fifth Raikage. Darui himself came with a scene, appearing after a lightning strike to the surface.

But it's not just Darui alone who comes with a show of strength. The Sixth Mizukage (Chōjuro), the Fourth Tsuchikage (Kurotsuchi), to the Fifth Kazekage (Gaara), all come with excitement while exhibiting the natural elements they master.

Then, what is the fifth goal of the Kage gathered in Konoha?

Serial anime Boruto made an interesting move. The author of this anime script links the plot of Nue (which really happened in Boruto serial ) with the flow of Shin Uchiha (which had been made long ago by Masashi Kishimoto). Both Nue and Shin Uchiha are both related to parallel dimensions.

Naruto also reveals that any more terrible existence of Kaguya will threaten the world. Previously, Navers might remember that Toneri Otsutsuki also delivered mysterious words that there would be a threat to the world.

What is that threat? In the near future, Naruto will be faced with Momoshiki and Kinshiki, two members of the Otsutsuki clan who are tough enough to duel with five Kage though. So it seems they are meant to be. Especially since the manga series Boruto has yet to show the existence of a creature stronger than Kinshiki and Momoshiki.


Photos That Will not Make a Misunderstanding

The Uchiha family drama got aggravated so Sarada found fake photos of Sasuke and Sakura, which were actually manipulations of two different photos. Now, there will be no such misunderstanding.

Sasuke is gone again in Boruto episode 24 of this. But this time he had a picture together with his wife and children. It seems that the conflict with Shin Uchiha actually makes Sasuke aware of the importance of not forgetting his own family, even though his mission is very important.

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