Five Dueles Between Genin!

Previously, you got used to the new airtime schedule Boruto right? The Boruto series has been shifted to Thursday night since a few weeks ago. From now on, this series can be enjoyed on official channels like Crunchyroll at 6pm on Thursday.

What are the exciting events of Boruto episode 58? Let's see. But as always, the discussion below clearly contains spoiler so be careful if you are anti-leaked!


Still remember the days in which the Boruto series sometimes just filled the fishing episode, or the Inojin episode had no inspiring drawing? The times of peace have passed for now. No half-hearted, Boruto episode 58 filled up entirely by intermix genins. Here is each fight.

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<p> Yurui may look like figure <em> bully </em> alot of talk. But it should be remembered that this Kumogakure fighter is successful through all the tests until reaching round three. In addition to the Kumogakure team, the only remaining in this round is Team 7, Ino-Shika-Cho team, and Shinki team; all famous for tough. </p>
<p> No wonder Yurui can push Boruto in this fight, forcing Boruto to use his ninjas technology again. </p>
<p> If for example Boruto continues the fight honestly, will he be able to win? That's an interesting question, because in the days of being a student of the Academy and genin, Boruto did have to rely on aid in the fight. For example, he should be assisted by Mitsuki and then Kagura against Shizuma Hoshigaki. </p>
<p> What is interesting is that Naruto looks calm at seeing his father's victory. Had the Hokage felt something was wrong? </p>
<p> Given what happened when Shikadai won, maybe Naruto just did not want to get the amused attention of the other Kage. </p>
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Actually, it is this duel according to the author of the main party Boruto episode 58.

The new Shikadai seriously became a shinobi roughly after the incident with Ryogi. His mental might be ready, but it is undeniable that he has been lazy to practice in some ninja fields such as taijutsu.

In this situation, Shikadai is actually in an unseeded position. Especially because Yodo, the beautiful girl whom he fought, was able to anticipate all his moves.

But Yodo made a mistake: he stalled this fight for too long. When Shikadai knows the power of Yodo, he too can compose a great and superior counter from his enemy.

Another fight of Boruto episode 58 can you check on the second page!

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