Fishman Island Will Raise the Flag of the Straw Hat?!


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Predictions One Piece 892 is present for you guys! For those of you who have not read One Piece 891 or just following the animated series only, it is better not to continue reading because this article contains spoiler !

But if you've read it or it's not a problem with spoiler continue!



Leo Will not Sail?!

Seen in the cover story One Piece 891 Leo and his friends are helping to redevelop Dressrosa. With his cute pirate costume, Leo commands his friends to work together to renovate their beloved island. But does this mean Leo's story will only revolve on Dressrosa?

According to prediction One Piece 892, it looks like Leo will not be sailing anytime soon. Moreover, the cover story this time more focused on improving the island dressrosa than Leo own story. Unless later Leo is required to get out of the island for whatever business, it will be different story. But if you look from the story line presented to Leo so far, it's likely he'll just be dwelling on Dressrosa.


Sanji Marries a Little Child? Oda errors, or …?

[In One Piece 891 we are introduced to a new character who recognizes himself as the king of all sisters in the Big family Mom: Charlotte Flampe This character was introduced as the 33rd daughter of the Big Mom family and aged 15. Looking at the bubble she blew, there was a possibility that the Flampe's power had something to do with chewing gum.

Wait, the age of the 33rd child is 15 years?

If Oda does not make mistakes, then this means the age of Pudding who is the 35th child of the Charlotte family is under 15 years. Strange? Indeed. This means that Sanji is almost married to a character under the age of 15, which is not the legal age to marry in Japan.


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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Go down to the sea and become the Pirate King! Go out with Luffy and the Straw Hats in your hand!

Prediction One Piece 892 suspect if this is not Oda's fault, it could be that Pudding is not actually the child of Big Mom herself. Pudding character designs do not show the age of 15 years down, making the authors doubt the authenticity of their birth order. If it turns out that Pudding was adopted by the child after the birth of Flampe, this sequence and age would make sense.

Then if it is not the Big Mom's child, who is the real Pudding?

The battle of Charlotte Katakuri against Luffy has also reached its peak! What will this fight look like? Find the answer in the prediction One Piece 892 second page!


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