First Mission Boruto and Naruto Apparently Similar! What are the Similarities?


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<h4 style= In the 40th episode of the anime series Boruto finally this seventh Hokage son has become a Genin and gets his first mission. But did you realize that Boruto and Naruto's first mission was similar?

Boruto has become a Genin, and now he has to carry out a mission given by the village of Konoha as well as direct orders from his own father, the Seventh Hokage aka Uzumaki Naruto.

Boruto is currently incorporated in the 7th team led by Konohamaru, and he's been getting his first mission. But are you aware, it turns out Boruto and Naruto's first mission when they become Genin there is a resemblance.

What's the resemblance? If you are not aware, the author already summarizes some similarities between Boruto's first mission and Naruto below!


Taking Care of Other Village Issues

Several Genin teams in the Naruto era until the Boruto era had their first varied mission, ranging from dangerous missions to ordinary missions that to some others were very trivial and not very important.

They can be assigned to missions in Konoha's own village as well as out of the village, one of which is the Moegi team that contains the new InoShikaCho. In episode 40, their first mission just escorted a wealthy woman while shopping.

But unlike Boruto and Naruto in their first mission. Boruto and Naruto both get the task out of the village, especially they have to take care and help other village problems.


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If Naruto is assigned to help the wave village to solve this problem, where the wave village is experiencing a bad condition, as Gato controls all the shipping goods, so it is unfair to the villagers.

Naruto's mission is very simple, ie only Tazuna from the wave village to perform an activity that intersects directly with Gato, the greedy ruler. What about Boruto?

Boruto and his 7th team get a mission to the green village to protect this village. The green village is an advanced village with its farm, unfortunately there are bandits who plundered this village, so they become poor in need of more mature, until finally hired the Ninja from Konoha.

The path of mission is equally changed, like what? Check out the next page!


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