Finally! The Perfect Ultra Instinct Appears!

As usual, the discussion of the Dragon Ball Super 129 certainly contains spoiler . If you are anti-leaked and still looking for your own article, it is advisable not to continue reading. You are obviously mistaking the article.

But if you are already watching and want to remember certain details, or do not mind spoilers just look at the reviews below!



The Weakness of Ultra Instinct Goku Is Still The Same

There are only three fighters left in the arena now. (Do not forget Frieza). While the other ngumpet, Goku and Jiren fistfight each other.


The problem is, Ultra Instinct is not perfect Goku still has the same weakness as when he took it out to fight Kefla. His attacks were even weaker when compared to when he used the Blue form.

Goku might surprise Jiren. But when Jiren decides seriously, Goku's attacks can only bother the creature's strongest Universe 11, without being able to seriously harm Jiren.

In Dragon Ball Super 129 of this, Goku tries to overcome Jiren in the same way as Kefla. He uses Ultra Instinct to escape, while he focuses on collecting Kamehameha's energy. But Ultra Instinct Kamehameha this can be overcome Jiren. Fortunately Goku still protects himself with Ki's energy, otherwise his effects can be dangerous.

Goku clearly has to upgrade his ability as soon as possible to win. Because Jiren is still above the Ultra Instinct power level is not perfect.


Goku Process Achieves Ultra Instinct Perfectly Interesting

The author had thought Goku could reach Ultra Instinct Perfect with the same reason as before: he was hit by Jiren attack, thought K.O., but instead rose to become stronger. Because in preview also the selection of the footage seemed to show Goku became strong after his Kamehameha Ultra Instinct failed.

Fortunately that's not what happened.

Basically, the weakness of Ultra Instinct Goku today is there is a moment in which he does not trust his own instinct, that is, when attacking. Goku seems to be aware of it. In his duel with Jiren, he closes his eyes, completely surrendering to his strength. According to Whis's analysis, Goku really no longer thinks of emotions and other things beyond himself, his fight, and his enemy.

The more Goku approaching the perfect form, the more hot the arena of Tournament of Power. Until the peak is …

Want to know what kind of power Ultra Instinct Perfect Goku? Check the advanced discussion Dragon Ball Super 129 on the second page!

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