Finally Sanji Back to Thousand Sunny!


Sanji finally returns to the Thousand Sunny in One Piece 892! The cake plan can be run! But … Luffy beaten brutally by Katakuri?!

As usual, the discussion One Piece 892 clearly contains spoiler . For those who are still looking for their chapters and are actually anti-leaked, you get into the wrong article.

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But if you're already reading and want to make sure you do not miss the interesting details, or want to remember what big events are happening in this chapter, please continue reading the reviews below.



God Usopp Becomes the Inspiration of the Tontatta Pirate Ship

In the cover story of the previous chapter, it was revealed that Leo spends his time helping to repair the devastating damage of Dressrosa with the Tontatta tribe. One Piece 892 shows that the good man was not forgotten by the residents of Dressrosa, who decided to give the ship.

Yes, after all, Leo has indeed proclaimed himself a pirate. So he must have a vehicle to sail. Especially when Luffy decides to call for help from his allies.

The shape of his own ship is quite hilarious. The inspiration is Usopp's face, which became the key to the Straw Hat victory in Dressrosa. If for example Sugar managed to escape from custody, the form of this Leo ship decoration was enough to make K.O. again.


Finally, Help Comes to Sunny!

Thousand Sunny is in serious trouble in chapter 891. In 890, the cooperation of Brook, Jinbe, and Nami managed to give a solid blow to Big Mom. Nami was even able to steal Zeus from the Yonko.

But in 891 it was shown that Big Mom successfully pursued Sunny again using Prometheus. Already in the thrill of Big Mom and in the siege of Perospero's fleet and Smoothie, Sunny and its passengers are in grave danger.

Fortunately, help came in One Piece 892 of this. Nostra Castello finally found the Thousand Sunny! The delicious aroma of the cake also attracted the attention of Big Mom, distracting the Yonko to the ship Bege. On the other hand, Sanji with the help of Pudding also made it back to Sunny.

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Since Big Mom is now chasing after Nostra Castello, is the Thousand Sunny safe? Apparently not. Continue reading the discussion One Piece 892 on the second page!


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