Finally Mitsubishi Sage Mode Animation Showcased!


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<h4 class= After a long curious, Boruto episode 39 shows the Mitsubishi Sage Mode animation! What does he look like?

Plot Boruto episode 39 is definitely not a new story. Previous Navers veterans may have already witnessed the story of Mitsuki's early beginnings in the manga version, written directly by Masashi Kishimoto.

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But still, for purely following an anime version only, the discussion below clearly contains spoiler . Therefore if you still have not watched and actually anti-leak, you entered the wrong article.

Then where can you watch? The author uses Crunchyroll which aired Boruto at the same time as in Japan, fitted with English subtitles, and has HD visual quality without worrying about adware and malware sneaks up on your device. But you have to use paid service to watch it right now.

If you are already watching or do not mind spoiler consider the Boruto episode 39 below!



The Story of Framing: Sarada Waiting for Boruto

Indeed, the story Boruto episode 39 is struggling into the past. But the story of its own framing is still a continuation of the previous episode.


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Now Team 7 new generation has officially formed. Sarada awaits Boruto with Mitsuki. When Boruto did not come, Mitsuki began to remember his past again before he decided to carve out a trace as a student at the Academy.


Mitsubishi Sage Mode Eventually Appears!

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<p align= Essentially, the story of this episode is tantamount to Naruto Gaiden first. You can read the discussion in the year 2016 and find the content is the same as the one presented here.

Orochimaru tells that Mitsuki is his son, and there is a shinobi who stole his memory. Orochimaru also brought Mitsuki to face the thief of memory.

The thing is, the thief's memory is also Mitsuki. Mitsuki is just a child of Orochimaru's experimental results. In the end, Mitsuki was faced with two choices: should he remain loyal to Orochimaru? Or should he do what his "brother" suggests?

Even so, there is fun to watch the story of Mitsuki is finally animated. The awaited part of course is the revival of Mitsubishi Sage Mode, which was first visualized in this episode.

Mitsuki has been exerting this power against Shino Aburame. But at that time only the emission of energy that has been shown. Full transformation and the course of the fight is not.

As he has shown against Shino, Mitsuki is also still not fully accustomed to using this skill . He looked exhausted when he finally extinguished his strength again. But during its use, the speed of Mitsuki looks amazing, until he was able to steal the scroll from Orochimaru's hand.

Orochimaru certainly does not really intend to stop his son, but from his reaction it seems that Orochimaru did not expect Mitsuki to move that fast. Mitsuki then disappeared left him and went on his own road ninjanya.

Another interesting thing from Boruto episode 39 can you read on the second page!


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