Finally Luffy Can Also See the Future?!


In One Piece 891 Luffy … finally begins to succeed to come to see the future ?! Will this eventually help him defeat the Katakuri? Then what about the Thousand Sunny?

As usual, the discussion One Piece 891 clearly contains spoiler . So for those who have not read their own manga, it is advisable to think twice before further reading.

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For those who have already read, do not mind spoiler or search for a summary of the text, you are in the right article. Just read the review below.



Dressrosa Will Recover

One day, Leo and his group will move to help Luffy. So, what will he do after he inaugurated himself as a pirate? Did he start venturing and making trouble, as did Bartolomeo?

The cover story One Piece 891 reveals that Leo still has business to deal with first. He still leads the reconstruction process of Dressrosa, a country that is still falling apart due to Doflamingo, especially the final battle of Doflamingo and Luffy. (Remember, Luffy's last blow to make Dressrosa seem to be split).

Sure, this is not the end of Leo's adventure. But from this scene, the writer feels Leo's role in the Great Armor of the Straw Hats is very clear: support . When others attack the enemy, Leo and his group can be relied on for matters such as restorations and possibly stealing, reconnaissance, and so on.


Luffy Can See the Future?

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<p align= The battles of Luffy and Katakuri still take place in One Piece 891. But this fight can not be considered fun, the article Katakuri still successfully beat Luffy. The fight continues just because Luffy is resilient enough to continue to rise from his wounds.


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Then gradually, Luffy begins to see the future. Katakuri was aware of this. Luffy probably has not been able to do it as easily as he is, but Luffy begins to take into account the Katakuri attack.

The problem is one: Katakuri remains superior, both in terms of strength and Haki level. In a moment of mutual upheaval, Luffy seems to know what will happen, but his fist is still less powerful than Katakuri.

Curious too: how in the end will Luffy beat the Katakuri? Because although he can see the future as well, Katakuri's defense and strength is superior to him.

Unless perhaps he can surpass Katakuri even further, until he can end up attacking the point that the Katakuri is not ready.

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