Finally Groove Whole Cake Island Completed!

Finally the Whole Cake Island groove is over! There are those who have faithfully followed the development of this story from 2016

As usual, the discussion One Piece 902 of course contains spoiler . Whole Cake Island's groove in the new anime heats up, while in the manga the story of Luffy on Big Mom island has ended for now.

For those who are still looking for their own chapters and are actually anti-leaks, it is advisable to think twice before continuing.

[1945900] If you do not mind spoiler or have read and want to remember certain details, please refer to the reviews below!




Costly Rescue Sanji



Sanji is the only victim in the Vinsmoke family's marriage attempt with the Charlotte family. He also from the beginning did not want to, but even if he can beat Bege, the crew of Baratie and the people who have interacted with the Straw Hats can actually be a victim.

In One Piece 902, Sanji felt the burden of his rescue after he realized Pedro died to help the Straw Hats escape from Whole Cake Island.

In fact it is not just Pedro. In order for Sanji to ripen for the Straw Hats, chapter 902 shows that Germa 66 and the group of Sun pirates were last seen being attacked by Big Mom's pirate crew.

Really not a good situation.



Successful Straw Hat Group Escapes from Whole Cake Island



The Thousand Sunny is completely out of trouble anymore in One Piece 902. Luffy can be handled by Chopper calmly, while Sanji can also get a relaxing moment to contemplate Pedro's death.

What is interesting is: there is definitely timeskip from the moment where Luffy is still sprawled until he wakes up to enjoy the Sanji dinner at the end of the chapter.

Prior to timeskip it was shown that the wholesome Big Mom was involved in the Battle of Cocoa Island, further complicating the efforts of Germa 66 and the pirate group of the Sun.

This epic battle is not shown, but the writer feels Jinbe and the Vinsmoke family can at least stall long enough for Sunny to escape without trouble.

For Jinbe's fate we still have to wait for the answer later. But the writer is still convinced that Jinbe will appear suddenly at a critical moment during the Battle of Wano.

Hoping that it was true that Jinbe did not re-sacrifice himself, as the hobby of Bentham the Mr. 2.

Continued discussion One Piece 902 can you check on the second page!

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