Finally, Duel Goku Versus Jiren Takes!


Discussion Dragon Ball Super 109 will highlight the long-awaited fight: Goku against Jiren! Who is stronger?

Discussion Dragon Ball Super This 109 will obviously contain spoilers for those who have not watched. So if you have not had time to watch the episode, be advised to be careful.

If you are already watching and want to make sure you do not want to miss details, or do not mind spoiler, please continue reading the reviews below.



The Impulsive Desire That Makes Goku Feeling Evil

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In the early Dragon Ball Super 109, the bout of Brianne and Goku is still going on fiercely. Brianne then uncovered her passion for getting Super Dragon Ball: she wanted to be the goddess of love, which is loved by the rest of the universe remaining after the Tournament of Power. This desire is even approved by Helles, the Goddess of Destruction of Universe 2.

So, what is Goku's passion? She admits that she has not decided yet. He will either grant Chichi's will, his son, or even find a strong enemy.

The problem is that this innocence makes Goku as if he does not care if he has to wipe out many of the universe (and possibly billions of souls) in order to gain the right to use Super Dragon Ball. The manuscript's decision to present Goku thus made him feel very sadistic.

Anime character where else besides him who has the heart to let human and alien balls remain dead only to find a strong enemy to be fought for? Perhaps Super Dragon Ball can not restore a ruined universe, but from his words this time Goku even as not minded to try to recover them.

Maybe Goku will just decide to repair the destroyed universe when Hit or Jiren disappears. Because then he loses the enemy he respects.


Super Ribrianne

Brianne still proves himself as a fighter that can not be underestimated, even though his appearance is very ridiculous. Having achieved the Super Saiyan God transformation, even Goku's ordinary form just goes beyond the normal fighter. But Brianne in the form of her Ribrianne transformation is able to push Goku without suffering any injury.

Brianne then changes to the next form: Super Ribrianne, which looks fatter and has butterfly wings. The transformation process is arguably hilarious, as Brianne gathers energy from her friends … who swing lightstick as if watching idol .

The destroyed power of Super Ribrianne is practically great enough, to be able to force Goku to defensive. When Goku strikes back, it is shown that our main character must even turn into Super Saiyan Blue. Brianne also has not K.O. because the surprise attack with the power of Blue, increasingly showing its toughness.

It would be interesting that Brianne would later appear in Dragon Ball FighterZ . The form of its transformation, and its fighting style, is completely different from the others.

But Brianne is just the opening menu only. After Goku overcomes Super Ribrianne's attack, Jiren finally moves! Read advanced discussion Dragon Ball Super 109 this on the second page.


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